4 years after husband and Ukrainian model rumored affair, former Hong Kong actress Winnie Chin admits divorce, Entertainment News

Were the rumors true after all?

After 27 years of marriage, former Miss Hong Kong pageant runner-up Winnie Chin has admitted she is no longer “Ms. Ma”.

She took out a media statement Tuesday (September 27) who appeared to talk about her divorce.

In the statement, the 59-year-old referenced a song by Chinese artist Li Lele.

She wrote: “Wounded, tired, heartbroken, this song represents the last four years of my life.

“Today I decided to start over and say goodbye to a lost love and 27 years of marriage. Please don’t call me Ms. Ma again. Thank you.”

Winnie came first runner-up in the 1981 Miss Hong Kong pageant, which would be a launching pad for aspiring actresses.

But while Winnie’s showbiz career never really took off, her love life, on the other hand, seemed to blossom.

Winnie married wealthy Hong Kong businessman Philip Ma in 1995, which enveloped her in a life of luxury, media reported. Philip is the offspring of Ma Kam Chan, founder of Hong Kong’s Tai Sang Bank. The couple have two sons and a daughter.

Their marriage, however, reportedly hit a snag in July 2018, when it was rumored that Philip had cheated on Winnie with a Ukrainian model, identified as a woman named Ksenia B.

According to some reports, Philip filed for divorce because he wanted to marry Ksenia. Reports also shared that Winnie, unwilling to give in to her demands, was kicked out of the master bedroom and moved to a room that only had a fold-out bed and no windows.

China Press reported that their youngest son had just graduated from high school in the UK at the time. However, only Philip attended the ceremony. In an interview, Philip reportedly admitted the couple were engaged in a “cold war” and shared that Winnie was seeing a doctor for her emotional issues. However, he had denied that the couple were heading for a divorce.

Oriental Daily reported that Philip and Ksenia still follow each other on social mediabut the former has yet to release a statement regarding the divorce.

Winnie and Philip are scheduled to appear in court in December to finalize divorce details.

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