Albert Brooks’ appearance is a nod to Marty Funkhouser


HBO Calm your enthusiasm Guest star of season 11, comedian Albert Brooks was perhaps a little nod to his brother Bob Einstein, who played Marty Funkhouser for several seasons of the series.

Einstein died in season 10, but the show never addressed his death. Instead, the writers sent Funkhouser to China… and he just never returned. And while Freddy Funkhouser (Vince Vaughn) joined the cast last season, the fact that Brooks is making a guest appearance may have reminded fans that Einstein will always live on the show.

Albert Brooks attends his own funeral on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Brooks joined the cast for the Sidewalk Opening season 11, organize a funeral for himself, because why wait until death to hear all the wonderful comments people have to say about you? Like many actors on the show, he played himself and a friend of Larry David. In fact, it was David who was in charge of Brooks ‘mock eulogy, held in Brooks’ living room.

Albert Brooks joins Calm your enthusiasm like what seemed like a little nod to his brother Bob Einstein | Jesse Grant / WireImage

But when David has to use the bathroom, he finds out that Brooks is a pandemic supplies storekeeper, his closet full of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Of course, when everyone at the fake funeral sees the closet, they come for Brooks, reeling from the 2020 fallout. The episode ends when Brooks joins David at the symphony and the musicians take out the Sidewalk theme song, “Frolic”.

The cast of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” were in shock over the death of Bob Einstein

The Sidewalk the cast appeared to be in shock when Einstein died of cancer in 2019. “I’ve never seen an actor play a role like Bob did while playing ‘Marty Funkhouser’ on Sidewalk“David said in a statement (via Deadline).” It was an amazing and unforgettable experience knowing him and working with him. There was no one like him as he told us over and over again. We are all in shock.

streams tweeted, “RIP My dear brother Bob Einstein. A big brother, father and husband. A brilliantly funny man. You will be missed forever.

Executive producer Jeff Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter, “It was way too early and we loved him too much to say he actually died on the show.”

Jeff Garlin said Einstein’s death hit hard. “You’re talking about someone who was a close friend of mine and Larry,” Garlin told the New York Daily News. “Very close.” He added, “So it touched us not only creatively, but it touched us personally on a much deeper level.”

Why was Marty Funkhouser sent to China?

Garlin and Schaffer explained why Funhauser was sent to China instead of having his death addressed on the show. “Maybe just because we didn’t want to admit he was gone,” Schaffer said. “It was easier to say, ‘Oh, he’s in China. He will be back.'”

Garlin said writing to death was too much. “Why do we need this on a comedy show?” Garlin said on Last laugh Podcast. “It doesn’t match our show. There is no melancholy on Calm your enthusiasm. “

The writers tried to keep the Funkhouser name in season 10 by also adding Chaz Bono as Joey Funkhouser, who played the transition daughter of Marty Funkhouser. Bono said the episode worked and he felt comfortable in the role.

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“Honestly, it worked really well and wasn’t offensive,” Bono told The Hollywood Reporter. “I mean, not more than anything on this show.”

He added: “I thought it was really funny. But the whole time I was filming it, I wondered how it would work. I can’t speak for all trans people, but you know, for one, what’s in my pants isn’t something I ever want to talk about. It’s one of those things that people can get obsessed with and I find it infuriating. I was in an awkward space for the shoot, although I really enjoyed the process because I loved working with these guys and it was really fun doing something completely different like improv. It was a strange experience. “

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