Ant Anstead built his first car before he could even drive


Many people consider themselves to be car enthusiasts. But not everyone who can afford premium cars is a real fan. You know a real car enthusiast when you see someone who can take a car apart, reassemble it, and handle most, if not all, customization. Take, for example, Ant Anstead, one of the stars of the reality TV series Wheel dealers. Before he even knew how to drive, he knew how to build a car. With that kind of passion and expertise, it’s no wonder Anstead landed the job on television.

Who is Ant Anstead?

Ant Anstead | Valérie Macon / AFP via Getty Images

If you’ve never heard of Ant Anstead, you’ve probably never heard of Wheel dealers. The first edition of the popular UK program premiered in 2003 and featured car restorers Mike Brewer and Edd China repairing notable models and selling them to interested buyers. Brewer would start the show by buying a repairman, sharing the details of the model’s history, and then giving it to Chinn to take care of the restoration.

This format lasted until 2017, when Chinn left the series and Anstead replaced him. He was the show’s chief mechanic for the next three years before Marc Priestley’s entry. However, Anstead has made sporadic appearances on the program since then. During this time he was busy with other activities, such as his TV shows Anstead Ant Master mechanic and The most beautiful cars in the world.

While working with Brewer as the senior mechanic of Wheel dealers, Anstead also made appearances on his then-wife’s show, Christine on the coast. Married in 2018, he and Christina Haack appeared on her show where she renovated homes – a skill she mastered while working with her first husband, Tarek El Moussa, on their hit show, Flip or Flop. However, in 2020, when Anstead left his full-time position on Wheel dealers, he split from Haack and quit his show as well.

Ant Anstead is a master mechanic

Despite appearing on Haack’s home improvement show, Anstead’s specialty is the automobile. What exactly are his automotive beliefs that have won him many gigs in car shows?

Anstead’s expertise stems from a childhood passion for vehicles. In an interview with Influx, he noted that he bought his first off-the-shelf car kit when he was just 16, before he got a driver’s license.

Although he started a career as a police officer, he resigned after six years to pursue a full-time job in car manufacturing. Today he runs a commercial enterprise that builds and restores them. When not juggling one of the many televised concerts, he and his team build unique cars on demand.

And despite these concerts, much of her rising stardom can be attributed to her marriage to Haack and her romance with actor Renée Zellweger. Celebrity or not, Anstead has over 15 years of professional experience in the construction and restoration of cars. But, of course, he first got his hands dirty much earlier.

Rising fame and wealth

With his TV gigs, celebrity connections, and the visibility they’ve given his business, Anstead no longer lives on a rookie cop’s salary. Its tailor-made constructions and restorations earn it a pretty penny. But since the company is privately held, it’s unclear exactly how much Anstead’s equity is worth.

However, Wealthy Persons estimates Anstead’s assets at around $ 6 million, the same value as the house he and Haack sold when they got divorced. Celebrity net worth puts that number a little lower, at $ 5 million. It should be noted that his company, which specializes in the restoration of luxury cars, can pull six figures before spending at car auctions.

In fact, Anstead holds the record for the most expensive inline-six Aston Martin ever sold at auction. If his profit margins per car hit the high four or five digits, he’s probably a rich man.

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