Back to 1988: Zheng Wanling meets On The Fringe co-star Yang Libing, Entertainment News

What a throwback! Local actress Zheng Wanling posted on Instagram yesterday (August 14) asking her followers to guess who she met while grocery shopping.

Although the other person in the photo is wearing a mask, fans easily recognized her as former actress Yang Libing, Wanling’s co-star from the iconic 1988 Channel 8 drama series On The Fringe.

Wanling added in his caption that Libing was still 21.

Libing, who actually turns 57 this year, entered showbiz in 1984 with her late older sister Lina, who died of cervical cancer in 2010.

Libing won Best Supporting Actress at the 1999 Star Awards for her role in Wok of Life. Her last role was an appearance in Perfect Cut 2 in 2009, and she has kept a low profile since leaving the entertainment industry that year.


Wanling, 56, also stayed away from showbiz for two decades after moving to Panama and later South Africa with her diplomat husband in the 1990s.

She returned to Singapore in 2018 and has since worked on some shows, including this year’s Chinese New Year drama Home Again, where she played the mother of Desmond Tan, Ya Hui and Edwin Goh.


You can look on the fringe to relive nostalgic memories or surprise Wanling Back at home on me WATCH.

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