‘Before the 90 Days’, star Ella’s insistence that Johnny travel during the coronavirus pandemic angers fans

In 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Season 5, Episode 6, audiences watched as Ella received some disappointing news from Johnny. Because right now, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Johnny has to quarantine himself in a country other than China. Initial plans called for Johnny to be quarantined in Singapore before traveling to the United States. However, on the January 16, 2022 episode, Johnny told Ella that her visa had been denied. In Episode 7, fans cringed at Ella’s reaction to Johnny’s lateness.

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‘Before the 90 Days’ season 5 star Ella got upset with Johnny’s trip being delayed

Navigating an international relationship during a global pandemic cannot be easy. When Before 90 days Season 5 couple Johnny and Ella had planned to meet, cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus began to rise. When Johnny’s visa for Singapore was denied, the couple planned for Johnny to travel and quarantine in Dubai. However, after thinking it over, Johnny hesitated to travel.

Ella felt like her being late had a deeper meaning and she began to wonder if Johnny really wanted to meet in person. She met friends to talk about the situation and told them, “This morning he told me he wanted to delay the trip. He’s worried about the virus… the new Delta virus. [sic]. I feel like that’s a stupid excuse. You can be safe and travel. Everyone is already doing it.

When Ella confronted Johnny about his fears, Johnny tried to explain his reasoning. Johnny helps his parents, who help take care of his son, and he feared he would be stuck in the United States. Additionally, he worried about the potential medical bills he would rack up in the United States instead of China.

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Fans think Ella reacted selfishly demanding that Johnny visit her in Idaho despite her fears

Ella wanted Johnny to visit regardless, and by and large fans sided with Johnny in the situation. Several viewers took to Reddit to express their thoughts.

One user posted: ‘Can’t believe how ignorant she is of Johnny’s reluctance to fly to the US at the height of the Delta Variant outbreak! BUT OTHER PEOPLE TRAVEL JOHNNY! Waaaah! “The guy has parents and a son to support in China and not only will he not know when he will see them again if he comes, and if he is infected and ends up with a serious case of Covid which could put his life in danger. But no, it’s all about what Ella needs and her petulant demands for her Asian prince to come over so she can satisfy her sexual needs.

Another one Editor felt the same way: “She literally didn’t care about johnny. she just wants her asian prince so she can show him off to all her other white friends who also oddly have asian SO’s. I’m sure Johnny could tell her that Stoney is sick that’s why he can’t come and she would just tell him to pawn it on his parents.

Will Johnny and Ella meet in person on ‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 5?

Some fans believe that Johnny and Ella won’t meet in person this season. No teaser shows the couple together. However, this season still has several episodes to air. Tune in Sunday nights to TLC to watch new episodes of Before 90 days Season 5. The series also airs on Discovery+.

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