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China’s biggest cyberspace regular is now targeting banned user accounts and celebrity “zombie followers” ​​in an attempt to clean up the country’s internet space. – Reuters photo

KUALA LUMPUR, October 20 – China’s leading cyberspace regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), is now focusing on banned user accounts and celebrity “zombie followers”.

World time reported that the regulator recently held a meeting on the issue as part of its “Clear and Bright” campaign.

Owners of accounts that have been closed will not be allowed to open new accounts with the same or similar names.

Individuals will also be prohibited from signing up for a new account for a period based on the severity of the violations.

The ACC noted that regulations will be tightened to monitor accounts whose names, file images or biographical information contain illegal content or pose as political or military bodies, authorities or news organizations, in addition those disseminating information on economics, education, health and law without relevant qualifications.

Meanwhile, celebrity “zombie followers” and accounts who exacerbate public emotions by commenting on social incidents, spreading obscene content and distorting national policies are also targets of the campaign.

The ACC has stressed the need for real name registration on internet gambling and called for a crackdown on accounts that sell or rent gambling accounts to minors.

The “Clear and Bright” campaign involves a range of cyberspace platforms and entities with measures that target irrational celebrity fan behavior and a ban on accounts with illegal activity.

It was recently reported that the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has issued guidelines to reform and rectify the entertainment industry over the next five years.

The move includes support for celebrities who show their love for the country and Hong Kong.

The directive promises to improve the management of internet broadcasts, live broadcast programs and short videos, and to ban celebrities with known backgrounds from appearing on camera.


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