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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden will hold his first event with other Group of Seven leaders on Friday in a virtual meeting to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the global economy and relations with China, the White House.

This is the first meeting of the main leaders of the G7 group of rich democracies since April, he said.

“This virtual engagement with the leaders of the world’s leading democratic market economies will provide President Biden with an opportunity to discuss plans to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild the global economy,” the White House said in a statement. .

The White House said Biden will focus his remarks on a global response to the production and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines as well as “continued efforts to mobilize and cooperate against the threat of emerging infectious diseases by strengthening the capacities of countries and establishing funding for health security ”.

Biden, a Democrat who succeeded former Republican President Donald Trump on Jan.20, has sought to project a message of re-engagement with the world and with global institutions after four years of his predecessor’s “America First” mantra.

Trump pulled the United States out of the World Health Organization and the Paris climate agreement and scoffed at multilateral organizations and groups widely.

Biden has brought the United States back into the WHO and joined the Paris Agreement and has shown his desire to work with allies to take on China on a multitude of thorny issues.

“President Biden will also discuss the need to make investments to strengthen our collective competitiveness and the importance of updating global rules to address economic challenges such as those posed by China,” the White House said.

Trump has challenged China on its trade policies by imposing punitive tariffs, an instrument he has also used against his traditional allies, drawing criticism for failing to take a more unified approach with American friends to stand up to Beijing on issues such as theft of intellectual property and other economic practices.

Nationally, Biden is pressuring Congress to pass a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package to stimulate the U.S. economy and provide relief to those suffering from the pandemic.

The White House has said it will discuss its economic agenda with its G7 counterparts and encourage them and all industrialized countries to maintain “economic support for the recovery” and other collective measures.

Climate change would also be on the agenda.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke to her G7 counterparts last week and called for continued budget support to ensure economic recovery.


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