Boy Abunda keen to return to TV, Ellen Adarna extends showbiz hiatus

TV host Boy Abunda was firm when he said he was returning to the small screen. Although he was low-key on the network he was going to be a part of, he said his return was 100% certain.

The King of Talk also admitted that he had entertaining discussions with GMA Network and that his parent studio, ABS-CBN, was aware of these professional conversations.

“There is no reason for my ties to ABS-CBN to be affected by these talks. I do my job whenever they call me. But at the same time, I have a very good relationship with the bosses and staff of GMA-7,” Abunda told reporters at an event hosted by Rana Pharmaceutical Inc. at the Luxent Hotel, Quezon City. Abunda, along with Ellen Adarna, is an endorser of the company that distributes dietary and health supplements.

TV host Boy Abunda feels ready to return to the small screen

“I have been unemployed for three years. At the moment it is not certain which television channel I will be part of. What is certain though is that I will be back on television when I arrive from the United States,” he continued.

Abunda’s trip to the United States includes hosting work at the 12th Annual TOFA Awards taking place Sept. 16 at historic City Hall in Times Square. After that, the 66-year-old TV personality will host an Olivia Quido skincare product launch with reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu.

“I’m going to the United States to host the TOFA Awards in September. When I come back, I’ll go back to television,” Abunda asserted.

Ellen plans to return to showbiz when her son, Elias, turns seven

Television has been Abunda’s playground for three decades now. His television debut came in 1994 when he hosted GMA’s showbiz-oriented show Show & Tell with Gretchen Barretto, Ai-Ai delas Alas and Lolit Solis.

“Iba yung rhythm, yung kinang, yung mga ilaw ng TV. I don’t live those things on social media where I can put on a show even when I’m alone. It’s a different achievement when you’re doing television,” Abunda said.

While Abunda is delighted with her return to television, actress Ellen Adarna has confessed that she won’t be back acting anytime soon.

The King of Talk Boy Abunda (right) with Ellen Adarna at the Luxent Hotel

“Nobody misses coming home at 5 a.m.,” Ellen, 34, joked. “I have promised myself that I will return to acting when my son is seven years old. And I plan to get pregnant again. So that’s another seven years.

In August last year, Ellen starred in a sitcom on TV5. But despite the pandemic and new television production protocols, recordings still take longer, she says.

“I thought the pandemic had changed that, but no, it’s the same thing. So I don’t miss location shoots and I’m away for days. But I’m not going to take a break from showbiz completely, promoting and attending events are still part of showbiz. I would still be pretty much there,” she explained.

Ellen (left) and Boy support Rana Pharmaceutical

Ellen confessed that in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, being active and taking dietary supplements are part of her preparation to get pregnant. She and her husband Derek Ramsay wanted to have a baby by 2024, which is the year of the dragon. “I hope it will be easy [pregnancy] because I had no problems when I had Elias. That’s why I take care of my health. And since Derek and I were both born in the Year of the Dragon, we wanted to have a baby born under the same Chinese zodiac sign,” she concluded.

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