Brittany Carter is fired from BBC’s ‘Apprentice’ in semi-final double elimination

Brittany Carter is fired Credit: Bang Showbiz

Brittany Carter was fired from “The Apprentice” in a double elimination semi-final.

The hotel’s front desk manager – who hoped Lord Sugar would invest in her alcoholic protein shake business idea – saw her dream of reaching the final cut short when she was dropped from the BBC show .

In tonight’s episode (3/17/22), which made history as the first-ever all-female semi-final, the girls fought through the brutal interview stages that saw the idea of Brittany’s business completely torn apart by Claudine Collins, Linda Plant, Mike Soutar and Claude Littner.

In the end, it was Brittany’s lack of experience that made her pay the price.

The business tycoon, 74, turned to the 25-year-old entrepreneur and said: ‘Your business idea is muscle growth in a box.

“No experience in manufacturing, no experience in general business and no experience in launching a product in a supermarket.”

Brittany who broke down under the pressure and cried reflected on her experience.

She told BANG Showbiz and other outlets, “I wish I hadn’t allowed myself to be so nervous.

“The person I was most nervous about showing my business plan to was Claude because he wasn’t following us at the time so I knew he would be looking at the numbers and the data and because he’s so close to Lord Sugar, you just really want to give him the best impression.

“I think coming into Claude’s house I was particularly nervous, but all of them are very, very intense, so you have to make sure you prepare for what’s to come.

“It’s funny because Linda is obviously known and notorious for being pretty rough, but when I walked into her interview, she almost talks to you so much and criticizes you so much that you don’t really get a chance to respond.

“But when you’re interviewing Mike, he asks you very, very tough questions and then he stops. You have to answer. That actually made it a lot more intense because he really puts you on the spot.

“You think you’ve thought of every possible question they’ve asked or every possible criticism you might face, but no, they always come up with things you don’t expect.”

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