China Changes Minions Movie Ending Making Gru A Good Guy

Chinese censors changed the end of Minions: The Rise of Gru to make the famous supervillain a good guy according to reports.

According Reuters.

In the one minute ending, censors in China changed the ending to Gru “returning to his family” where his “greatest achievement is being the father of his three daughters” and co-conspirator Wild Knuckles goes to prison for 20 years.

The original version ends with Gru and Wild Knuckles leaving together after pulling off a heist and Wild Knuckles faking his own death to evade the authorities.

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On Weibo, a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter, users posted about the censored end according to The Guardian.

Apparently, the ending was like that of a PowerPoint presentation.

DuSir, a movie review editor with 14 million Weibo subscribers, slammed the edited ending, saying, “It’s just us who need special advice and care lest a cartoon come to us. corrupt.”

Other people have expressed disappointment with the ending because it doesn’t fit Gru’s character in the other films.

Minions isn’t the only film to get censored treatment. Many other Hollywood movies and TV shows have been edited or omitted certain scenes.

Last year, viewers noticed the end of fight club had been changed so that the protagonist’s plan to blow up a set of skyscrapers was stopped by the police.

The hit show Friends returned to Chinese streaming platforms only to remove an LGBTQ storyline. A similar case occurred with Fantastic Beasts 3.

It is not known why China censored the Minions end, but some have speculated that this may be because it promotes mean behavior.

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