Chinese actor Xu Hai Wei returns to his hometown to cut costs and sells vegetables for a living

Chinese actor Xu Hai Wei returned to his hometown to cut costs as there were not many job openings for him. — Photo via Weibo

By Sylvia Looi

Thursday 09 June 2022 13:46 MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — Chinese actor Xu Hai Wei has returned to his hometown to cut costs after running out of job offers.

The 37 year old man Peace in the Palace and under the power the actor shared on social media that he was selling vegetables in his hometown, 8 days reported.

Social media users claimed he was now living in poverty, but Xu was quick to refute the claims and said it was part and parcel of showbiz.

“The acting profession is very unstable. Once [they] wrap up work on a show, [they] may not know when next time they will work again,” he said.

Xu added that he returned to his hometown because the pandemic had reduced job opportunities and the standard of living in the city was too high.

It is unknown where his hometown is where he stays, only returning to town when there is work.

Xu said living in rural areas can help cut costs, as he now has more time to help his family as well.

He has also started selling vegetables at a stand he has set up since the beginning of this month.

Responding to questions from social media users about his new career choice, Xu said, “There are always people who wonder why an actor would want to be a vegetable seller, they say it’s really pitiful.

“I want to say that there is nothing pitiful about that. I approach it calmly and without baggage. You adapt to your environment. On set, you work for someone. When you take off your costume and go home, you’re like everyone else, a normal person.

“Because my family lives in the village, there are a lot of things at home that if you don’t do, someone at home will have to do. It has nothing to do with money. »

Meanwhile, 163 reported that Xu has returned to live with his nonagenarian grandparents.

During an interaction with his fans, Xu said that he will do live broadcasts in the future to sell items.

Xu is not the first celebrity to turn to another industry for a living after the pandemic.

Actor Xie Ning from Immortal Samsara revealed that he had found work as a sanitary worker and Li Jia Ming, who last acted in Anti-Fraud League in 2019, had turned to the sale of watermelons.

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