Chinese economy: state-owned enterprises are doing well in 2021

China’s Public Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on Wednesday unveiled details of the performance of state-owned enterprises last year, measures to stabilize energy prices in the country and measures to facilitate the Olympics in China. Beijing winter. Yang Shanshan has more.

The Wentian-1 manned space flight has landed on Mars. Three Chinese astronauts have entered the Tiangong space station. The Deep Sea Energy Station No. 1 has been commissioned. These are all remarkable achievements that China has made in 2021. According to the China State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, despite the pandemic, China’s state-owned enterprises have maintained stable growth, achieved technological breakthroughs and recorded remarkable revenue gains.

PENG HUAGANG Spokesperson, Public Assets Supervision and Administration Commission “In 2021, our state-owned enterprises’ global operating income was 36.3 trillion yuan, up 19.5% since last year, with an average half-year growth rate of 8.2%.

As global energy prices rise, China has urged its state-owned enterprises to make efforts to stabilize their energy supply to ensure it does not affect the livelihoods of Chinese citizens.

PENG HUAGANG Spokesperson, Public Assets Supervision and Administration Commission “We have increased coal supply and plan to diversify our natural gas import resources, increase our natural gas storage capacity and improve its supply chain. We also plan to implement measures to guide state enterprises to ensure a stable supply of gas, heat and electricity for our citizens. This will contribute to China’s stable economic performance.

Many Chinese state-owned enterprises are also contributing to the smooth running of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, helping build stadiums, railways and other infrastructure. Unlike previous Olympics, China has for the first time provided green electricity to all Winter Olympic venues, as part of efforts to advance China’s national strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

YANG SHANSHAN Beijing “At the press conference, the Chinese government also encourages its domestic enterprises to expand overseas investment, participate in the Belt and Road Initiative at a higher level, and accelerate the construction of world-class companies. Yang Shanshan, CGTN, Beijing.
Source: CGTN

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