Chinese social media users slam Jackie Chan for his tribute to anti-Chinese novelist and screenwriter Ni Kuang

Chinese social media users slammed Jackie Chan for paying tribute to Hong Kong novelist and screenwriter Ni Kuang. – Photo via Facebook / 成龍Jackie Chan

By Sylvia Looi

Thursday 07 Jul 2022 12:48 MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 – Hong Kong martial arts star Jackie Chan has come under fire from Chinese social media users for paying tribute to the late Ni Kuang who was known for his anti-Chinese sentiments.

The furor began after Chan took to social media to express his sadness over the Hong Kong novelist and screenwriter’s death at a cancer rehabilitation center on July 3. 8 days reported.

Ni, known for the popular New Adventures of Wisely series, was regarded in the literary world as one of “Hong Kong’s Four Greatest Talents”.

In a post on Weibo, Chan wrote that he missed Ni after mourning the death of Hong Kong director and screenwriter Alex Law, who passed away on July 2.

“What happened today…I just learned that senior Ni Kuang also left us. One of Hong Kong’s talents who represented the splendor of an era. I miss you” , we read in his tribute.

However, his words rubbed Chinese social media users the wrong way as they slammed Chan for crying an “anti-communist” and an “anti-China criminal”.

Ni was known to fiercely criticize the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in his works.

The Shanghai-born writer fled to Hong Kong in 1957 to escape the CCP and vowed never to return to China.

Among the comments left by social media users on Chan’s Weibo page is that he has mourned just about everyone and is unprincipled, with some reminding him that national interests come first. .

Hong Kong actress Monica Chan was also not spared when she shared a post about Ni’s passing.

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