Derek Ramsay is enjoying semi-retirement from showbiz

Derek Ramsay’s family, including his wife Ellen Adarna, has a lot to do with his decision to keep a low profile at this time. PHOTO INSTAGRAM/RAMSAYDEREKO7

Derek Ramsay is proud to enjoy his semi-retirement. However, as 45-year-old Fil-British has made clear, he hasn’t totally turned his back on showbiz.

“Kapag may nabasa akong script na bubuhay ng dugo ko, why not?”

His family has a lot to do with his reason for keeping a low profile, admitting how much he loves Ellen Adarna, his wife.

Derek’s decision is corroborated by his younger brother Andrew who revealed, “Sabi ni kuya, ako raw muna mag-showbiz. Masyado kasing in love sa asawa niya!”

It’s common knowledge that Derek – even before he married Ellen in November last year – decided to take a break.

In fact, the actor was supposed to headline GMA’s “To Love and To Hold” opposite Carla Abellana and Max Collins. It was Rocco Nacino who replaced him in the series.

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But Derek had no regrets, citing that he would have easily contracted the virus had he taken the job. He was especially worried about his literally old parents.

How lucky could he be that GMA was willing to wait until he was ready to get back on his feet.

But the career prospects, as bright and lucrative as they were, failed to attract Derek. He made his decision, just like Ellen who prefers TV shows to regular shows.

The couple don’t care about lost opportunities vis-à-vis unrealized income as long as they are happy. It’s all that matters.

Looks like Derek’s career direction from here depends on Andrew.

During a media roundup for the last Cinemalaya fiscal year, Andrew hinted that Cutaway Productions, which he partly owns, plans to produce a film preferably starring Derek.

Not only will Andrew and his business partners fund the project, but he wants to direct it himself, perhaps from his own script.

But will Derek’s return take another Cinemalaya to make that dream come true? Hopefully not.

Derek’s former pal John Estrada once said that the Fil-Brit actor could afford not to work, “Kasi marami siyang pera!”

Another career option, Derek could consider producing movies while taking his time off. Since Ellen shares the same hard-working attitude, Derek can call on his wife to help with other aspects of the production.

I support Derek’s personal decision to put his family first above anything else.

But I don’t think he would like to let this phase of semi-retirement persist.

The possibility of him getting Ellen pregnant, thus raising a family, could alter that mindset.

While GMA had granted his request for release (well, it was a mutual decision), the network is only too willing to take him back no matter what. For his part, Derek confidently says he’s not closing his doors.

Maybe he’s just biding his time until his wife gets pregnant.

If it were up to her, Ellen said she would like to have a child in 2024. Why? It is the Year of the Dragon in which she and Derek were born.

In Chinese astrology, three people born in the same year and staying together attract good fortune.


There is no doubt that André – the son of Aiko Melendez by Jomari Yllana – has grown into a handsome young man.

In an interview with his mother, Andre shared his thoughts on adjusting to his father’s absence growing up.

As it hurt, “Nasanay na ako, huh!”

Her relationship with her father has improved a lot. He can freely speak his mind unlike before when he kept his suppressed emotions to himself.

Andre issued an indirect ultimatum to Jomari, however, “Huwag na niya ulitin ang mga pagkakamali niya sa akin sa ibang mga kapatid ko.”

Of course, Jomari will heed his son’s well-meaning advice, if only to prove his worth as a father despite his flaws.

No one but Aiko deserves credit for watching Andre grow up without any feelings of animosity towards Jomari. In fairness to the actress-politician, she never spoke ill of Jomari.

“He’s still my son’s father, after all.”

No doubt, what any child has become often reflects their parents.

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