‘Don’t be too intrusive’: Rising star of Love Between Fairy and Devil Zhang Linghe hopes fans won’t interfere with personal life, Entertainment News

No matter how much you love them and vice versa, your favorite stars need time for themselves too.

In a recent virtual interview with AsiaOne for iQiyi’s new fantasy romance drama Love Between Fairy and Devil, rising Chinese actor Zhang Linghe shared that he needed his personal space amid the popularity he is enjoying.

“I hope we can be more sensible and not be too obsessed with celebrities,” Linghe, 24, said. “Don’t be too intrusive, avoid meddling in the privacy of celebrities or someone you adore.”

Linghe gained popularity as Lord Changheng in Love Between Fairy and Devil for his handsome face and equally stunning pure white outfit.

Lord Changheng is a gentle god of war from the fairy realm who pursues the love of Xiao Lanhua, the female protagonist of the drama played by Esther Yu.

Linghe, along with her co-stars Dylan Wang, Xu Haiqiao and Charles Lin, have been dubbed “Fairy and Devil F4” by fans for their devilish good looks.

And this fame had an impact on both his personal life and his acting work.

“With more and more followers, I see it as a form of recognition from the public. It also motivates me to work harder in my acting career. But there are also disadvantages, which more or less affect my mode. usual way of life,” he said.

Expressing his hopes that fans will give him privacy whenever he wants it, Linghe also advises fans that they “shouldn’t disturb public order”.

Getting used to showbiz

Linghe’s time as an actor began in 2019, just three years prior.

To help better understand showbiz and be an actor, Linghe strived to improve himself.

He said, “Every year I’ll rewatch the dramas I’ve been in and then try to improve gradually. I’m learning as I go.”


When asked how his acting life has been so far, Linghe shared, “I enjoy my acting journey – at first I got into showbiz out of curiosity.

“Since then, I’ve realized that an actor can experience different things in life and many different situations. It’s actually very refreshing and empowering.”

Aspirations in showbiz

Although still a new face in the industry, Linghe hopes to leave an indelible mark on showbiz.

“I hope everyone can remember me through a character, or when people talk about me they can remember the character I played.”

You can watch Linghe’s performance as Lord Changheng in Love Between Fairy and Devil, currently airing on iQiyi.


He is currently filming Story of Kunning Palace, a Chinese romantic adventure drama series based on the popular novel Kun Ning. He plays Imperial Preceptor Xie Wei.

Actress Bai Lu plays the female protagonist, a modern author named Jiang Ningzheng who is transported back in time and into the body of Jiang Xuening, who later becomes the queen. Ningzheng and Xie Wei work together to solve several mysteries, but since both parties hold secrets, their relationship is in danger.

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