Emily and Kobe blame each other for pregnancy scare

In a preview for the July 10 episode of 90 day fiance, Emily Bieberly thinks she may still be pregnant with Kobe Blaise’s child. Both reproach themselves for not having taken precautions.

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Kobe and Emily’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ trip

Emily, 29, met Kobe, 34, when she was teaching English in Xi’an, China. They met in a nightclub and fell in love. At the end of their stay in China, the couple became engaged. Then Emily found out she was pregnant with Kobe’s baby. Unfortunately, her visa in China had expired and she had to return to Salina, Kansas. She left for the United States and Kobe returned to his family in Cameroon, Africa.

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Despite applying for a K-1 visa, Kobe ended up missing the birth of his son due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic causing delays. Two years later, Kobe’s K-1 visa was finally approved. During 90 day fiance Season 9, Kobe met his 17-month-old son for the first time. Now, with only weeks on their K-1 visa, Kobe and Emily must race against the deadline and get married.

Emily thinks she might be pregnant with Kobe’s baby

On the July 3 episode, Emily reveals disturbing information to Kobe about the possibility that she is pregnant again. She tells her fiancé, “I’m just late like my period is late. Kobe is in disbelief and says, “Oh my God.”

Kobe’s son, Koban, is still being breastfed by Emily and currently lives with Emily’s parents. Earlier in Season 9, Emily’s father warns her that his only rule is not to have another unplanned pregnancy.

In the preview for the next episode, Emily and Kobe go to a pharmacy to take a pregnancy test. She tells the cameras, “My dad only has one rule for us, and that’s not to get pregnant.” Of course, Kobe, who is trying to make a good impression on Emily’s family, worries about the consequences if Emily is pregnant. He said, “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to deal with your family if you’re pregnant.

Kobe and Emily blame each other for pregnancy scare

Emily and Kobe are not ready to have another child and neither of them wants to take responsibility for a possible pregnancy. Kobe is in denial. He tells Emily, “No, you can’t be pregnant.”

Emily replies, “Why can’t I be pregnant?” He insists they took many “precautions” so she wouldn’t get pregnant, but Emily disagrees. She said, “Precautions? Kobe, you’re the one who told me you didn’t want me to take birth control. She argues: “Not taking contraception can obviously lead to a birth.”

In the interview, Emily asks Kobe, “What did I say, baby, when I told you I was going to take my birth control. What did you say? ” Kobe said: “I refused. I’m giving you a reason. I’ve seen women who take birth control. When they’re ready to conceive, it was very difficult.

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Kobe insists he was planning the “withdraw” method until Emily tells him it’s okay because she’s not ovulating. The couple argues all the way to the pharmacy, where they buy pregnancy tests to take. They decide to take the tests at the pharmacy to avoid questions from Emily’s family.

It takes two to tango and clearly, to make a baby. If Kobe and Emily are pregnant, it will be difficult for her to find her family’s good graces. Will Emily and Kobe end up getting married with a baby on the way? Fans will have to keep watching 90 day fiance Season 9 to discover the rest of this couple.

New episodes of 90 day fiance Season 9 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC and streams on Discovery+.

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