Experts warn we may be facing a fake tanning shortage



We might be facing a shortage of fake tan this Christmas – that’s according to manufacturers who can’t get their hands on any of its key ingredients.

This is because the global ethoxydiglycol supply chain has been affected.

‘Ethoxydiglycol’ which is an ingredient used to leave no traces of tanning and even when applied to the skin is also used for different purposes in shampoos, hair dyes, moisturizers, deodorants and makeup .

A number of suppliers in the UK and Europe do not have any chemicals in stock and do not know when they will be able to get them. Some experts attributed the shortage to the chemical’s sudden popularity in China.

Irish tanning brands Bellamianta and Iconic Bronze have assured fake tan enthusiasts that they won’t have to get naked this winter.

A representative of the brands told Sunday World: “Sunbathers can rest assured that there is plenty of Bellamianta and iconic bronze to go around this holiday season and in the distance to keep us all shiny and shiny. “

Medicine Direct, a pharmacy in the UK, investigated the problem and reported how exactly fake tan could be affected.

Clinical Supervisor and Superintendent Pharmacist Hussain Abdeh said:

“Ethoxydiglycol is almost single-handedly responsible for the way cosmetics are applied to the skin. Without it, many cosmetic products as we know them would be unusable. Essentially, without ethoxydiglycol, cosmetics could end up doing more damage than good for a number of skin conditions, ”he explained.

Without the ingredient, some tans can be streaky and patchy and would fade if they come in contact with water.

Their report says tan production may be forced to stop before the end of the year.

“The shortage is expected to hit once the current batch productions and supplies of ethoxydiglycol have been used up, which could be as early as the end of the year. This means that the production of cosmetics containing ethoxydiglycol would have to be reduced to preserve current supplies of the key ingredient or stop once those supplies have been used up, which would have a huge knock-on effect on consumers. global cosmetics. industry.”

“The supply of ethoxydiglycol has already completely stopped, with no new supply of the ingredient expected anytime soon in Europe. “

Due to the shortage, the demand is high, which has been reflected in the cost of the ingredient. Medicine Direct reported that the price of a kilogram of ethoxydiglycol has dropped from £ 12 (€ 14) to £ 103 (€ 120).

Speaking to Newstalk, Marissa Carter, CEO and founder of fake bakery brand Cocoa Brown, joked that she would have to quit Instagram if her business was affected.

“If there is a fake shortage of tanning, I should quit Instagram.”

“It’s impossible for people in the industry to get their hands on the ingredients because there is a huge shortage in the world. Every manufacturer has the same problem, whether it’s rising costs or waiting times. “

“We have to make sure we have at least seven months of stock, it’s been really tough managing the supply chain,” she said.

“One of the reasons for the shortage is that tanning has become very popular in China and that’s where our raw ingredients come from. As their market grows, so does the demand for the ingredients.

Carter said Irish women will be hit the hardest.

“Irish women wear the most fake tan in the world. There is no other country that wears as much fake tan as the Irish. Women go out and stock up, we have a lot of Cocoa Brown in it. stock and you’re having a bronze Christmas. “

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