Fans accuse Ella of ‘fetishizing Asian culture’


The 90 day fiancé the franchise continues to grow, as does the number of fans. With several spinoffs like Single life currently airing, audiences who appreciate 90 days the universe never runs out of new content. 90 day fiancé: before 90 days star Ella already has fans talking, and they’ve already spotted an issue with her relationship with Johnny. It seems Ella is at the center of some controversial behavior.

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What do we know about 90 Day Fiancé: before Season 5 of 90 Days stars Ella and Johnny?

Twenty-nine years old Before the 90 days Season 5 cast member Ella is originally from Idaho and considers herself a country girl. She met Johnny, 34, on a dating site exclusively for white women and Asian men. Ella even says in the trailer for Before the 90 days Season 5, “I’m great in all Asian culture, so when I saw Johnny I was like “oh my god”.

After the two started chatting on social media, they felt a spark and tried to meet in person, but to no avail. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has separated the couple with the closure of Chinese borders, but now it appears Johnny is heading to Ella’s home state. Ella worries that Johnny will see her in person due to past relationships that haven’t worked out because of her weight. She confesses that she is afraid that Johnny will not find her attractive once he sees her.

There are also cultural differences which turn out to be a problem between them. With some resistance from family members, the two seem to be having a pretty dramatic season.

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Fans think Ella “fetishes Asian culture”

Viewers have previously expressed contempt for Before the 90 days The star of season 5 Ella and her statements in the teaser. One Redditor wrote: “Two thoughts: ‘I love Asian culture’ as if Asian culture is a monolith. Also, I hate it all. But also I love it. What kind of a monster am I.

Another user echoed a similar sentiment: “I’m great at Asian culture, oh yeah, Asia, the place with one culture and exactly one type of people, Asia. “

However, Ella isn’t the only actor accused of fetishizing another race or culture. Fans have already spoken and feel TLC may perpetuate the issue.

In another thread, a Redditor commented, “I think the fetishism / infatuation is especially evident with Nicole and Azan and Danielle and Mohamed. To a lesser extent maybe Melanie and Devar. But part of me is asks if they play it for the show at the behest of the producers. It seems like it’s kind of a ‘trendy’ thing to hang out with other races as well, not that I think there is anything wrong with race relations, just sometimes I feel like some people date other races to make themselves look better.

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Fans still seem excited about ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’

Whether or not fans disagree with Ella’s reasoning for dating Johnny, it looks like a lot of people are planning to watch the next season of Before the 90 days. The new season introduces seven new couples as they embark on their soul mate’s wedding.


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