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Jeffrey Xu finally popped the question to Felicia Chin and the two actors are now happily engaged.

In an Instagram post today (August 11), Felicia revealed her engagement to her longtime lover of around seven years.

The 37-year-old uploaded a video showing snippets of the proposal and wrote: “We promised to let you know so here we are. I said ‘yes’!”

Of the video, Jeffrey, 33, said in his proposal: “I love you. I hope I can be the pillar of your life, the friend who listens to you, the boyfriend you can count on and the husband who will always be by your side through thick and thin.

“Can you let me join you on this new journey? No matter what lies ahead, I firmly believe that as long as we hold on to each other and don’t let go and turn our hearts to God, we can definitely triumph. above all.

“You are God’s greatest gift and I will surely cherish you fully.”

With this touching message, Jeffrey got down on one knee and asked, “My love, will you marry me?”

There was no doubt when Felicia said “yes”.

Felicia almost skipped the proposal

In a interview with 8Worldthe lovebirds revealed that this event took place on July 29, just a day after Felicia returned to Singapore from her trip to North America and Canada.

Jeffrey said he had been meaning to ask Felicia for a long time and bought the ring many years ago.


But because they spent almost every moment together outside of work, he had trouble planning and preparing for the proposal.

When Felicia – who left Mediacorp on June 30 this year to join the Chinese-language faith-based platform Hai Hao Ma – made his recent trip abroad, he took the opportunity to finally make his preparations. But the proposal almost did not take place.

He told Felicia that they were invited to a friend’s child’s birthday party at Night Safari and even had a birthday invitation card.

The venue itself was something special for Felicia, as she worked there when she was 18 before entering showbiz.

However, she was so out of step with her trip that she almost missed the “party”.

Felicia told 8World: “It was the first time I saw Jeffrey’s expression like that. He looked awkward and uncomfortable, but he wasn’t mad at me and didn’t want to. don’t force me to go.”

Felicia finally relented and went with Jeffrey to the Night Safari, where they toured the area together until the zoo staff completed their preparations.

Once Jeffrey brought her to the proposal location, Felicia noticed that it was filled with images of them when they were dating. She knew then that Jeffrey would ask.

“She kept asking me, ‘What is this about? What are we doing? Are you proposing to me? Please tell me,'” Jeffrey said.

He added that the moment he laid eyes on the decor of the room, he cried and cried throughout the proposal. From the video, it looked like Felicia was also moved to tears.

There were about 20 relatives and friends there, including veteran actors Zhu Houren, Chew Chor Meng, and Rayson Tan.

Wedding on the horizon


Felicia said: “As soon as I got together with Jeffrey, I knew he would be my partner. Of course, we’ve had many ups and downs over the past seven years and some people have wondered why. we should even get married.

“But I’m very happy that we’ve both learned to communicate well, understand each other and love each other – and when the time is right, we’ve chosen to take it to the next level.”

Felicia and Jeffrey told 8World that they plan to tie the knot before the end of the year. With less than four months to get there, the two will be working to a tight schedule.

“If we really hold it this year, we’ll need the help of so many people to finish it in such a short time!” Felicia burst out laughing.

Jeffrey added, “I want to finish our wedding this year and I just don’t want to delay it any longer. We could be different from the rest. If we want to do it, we have to do it fast!”

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