Glasto banner jokes with Noel Gallagher ‘f*****ed dog’ and Liam joins in ‘weird’ sweep

Liam Gallagher has once again fueled the fire between the famous brothers after a fan asked him to comment on an explicit statement made about Noel.

The musician took to Twitter to post but was quizzed by a follower, to whom he gave a shocking response.

He tweeted, “C’mon Glasgow, LG,” and signed off with a kiss.

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A fan responded with a photo that showed someone in a Glastonbury crowd holding up a piece of cardboard, which had a picture of Liam’s brother Noel holding up a middle finger.

It read: ‘Noel f*******d my dogs a**hole’ and the Twitter user asked Liam ‘what he thought’ of the obscene sign.

Noel and Liam Gallagher were once inseparable

The musician replied, “I wouldn’t pass it up, the little weirdo.”

Fans were shocked by Liam’s blunt comment and responded to the tweet with laughing emojis, with one even saying they were “fucking laughing”.

The day before, Noel took to Twitter to share a photo of a quote he made.

The sign made an explicit claim against Noel
The sign made an explicit claim against Noel

He said there were “hundreds of festivals around the world” and that “he should know” because he “played most of them”, but said there weren’t any. only “one festival in the world”, which is Glastonbury.

The singer called the iconic festival “bigger than Christmas” and “more fun than New Year’s”, but it “can be brutal” but also “magical”.

He said he ‘doesn’t care about the weather, headliners, hippies or politics and the festival ‘can be anything you want it to be’.

The former OASIS band member said Glastonbury had the ability to ‘change someone’s life’ and if it didn’t he suggested they ‘get a f***** life *”.

Liam took to Twitter to share the insult
Liam took to Twitter to share the insult

The Gallagher brothers have been feuding for decades and Noel has previously admitted he started the situation.

Liam gave her clothes from his Pretty Green brand before it even launched, but Noel decided to donate them to a charity shop.

A understandably annoyed Liam was fuming with his brother and the couple haven’t been the same since.

Oasis topped the charts with hits like Wonderwall but disbanded in 2009, with the brothers pursuing careers with Noel Gallagher’s bands Beady Eye and High Flying Birds.


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