He Yongfang will only return to TV if it is a positive dramatic role, Entertainment News

It’s always nice to see familiar faces return to television.

Local artist He Yongfang told Shin Min Daily News in a recent interview that she is coming back to acting, but there’s a catch. As she dedicates more time to charity, she is particularly careful about the roles she gets.

For a, she won’t take negative roles.

She told the Chinese daily that she wants to be a positive role model for her son and daughter – this is also why she is actively involved in charity work.

“There was a role that required me to play a rich woman taking care of her little boy. I rejected it,” Yongfang explained.

And despite being 53, the actress-host doesn’t look it. She was once asked to play the mother of a middle-aged man and instead of a text response she sent a recent photo of herself to the casting director who changed her mind by the following.

More recently, in the upcoming local drama Strike Gold, she plays the wife of a company president, who is also a loving mother to her children. This is his first role in three years.

She explained, “I actually don’t mind playing ‘mom’ roles, like Huang Biren in Your World in Mine. I would really like to play a role where I can portray a mother’s selfless devotion to their children.”


Yongfang also recently hosted a charity event with Marcus Chin and she wore many hats as she was involved in planning, hosting and performing.

Fellow veteran actress Biren even teased her for being a multi-talented entertainer.

“Biren laughed at me and said it was really worth having me. I could plan, sing and host, so I’ll save a lot of money for the organizer,” she said. .

Unlike other actors and actresses of his generation, however, it seems that Yongfang’s children aren’t into showbiz or second-generation stars. There was an invitation for parent and child to appear on a television show, but her two children did not want to appear on television.

Her daughter is 17 while her son is 14. The latter, according to Shin Min, looks a bit like Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng.

She said, “Both kids are very introverted and have no interest in the entertainment industry.”

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