Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng says he’s ‘finally Chinese’ after contributing to China’s social security fund for 2 years

Hong Kong actor Laurent Ng58, who has worked mainly in China for 16 years, recently appeared on a Chinese talk show A one-day date with Lu Yu, to share more about his life on the continent.

“I felt like I was not a real Chinese citizen, the biggest feeling that the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China gave me is that I am finally a Chinese citizen,” Lawrence said. .

He then shared that he had been contributing to China’s social security fund for two years now. Contribution to the fund is compulsory for Chinese employees and their employers as well as for foreigners employed in China.

“[I do so] through an accountant, so what’s happening is that my income will first go through the [accounting] business, and they’ll help me buy my social insurance,” Lawrence explained.

Events are where the money is.

Like many other 90s Hong Kong celebrities working in China now, Lawrence has been known to earn a quick buck making appearances at mall events and dinner parties.

He didn’t hesitate to talk about these concerts, some of which are far from glamorous.

Lawrence said he wasn’t picky when it came to choosing which event to appear in, as he didn’t see himself as someone who was openly aware of his celebrity status.

“About three or four years ago there were – for example – a lot of companies having their annual dinner and dance, and they were inviting us to join them as guests. I remember there was a year when I went to over 20 events in a single month. As long as it is not for an investment or financial company, I would attend [the event],” he said.

Unfortunately, as well-known as he is for his acting abilities, Lawrence doesn’t exactly get offers for acting projects.

“Even though I say I want to play, there aren’t a lot of projects to do right now. I’m not popular either. If I’m very popular then maybe it will be a bit better,” he said.

He loves his country.

Lawrence also admitted that his day in the sun was long over.

“For example, when I appeared in [1998 TVB drama] Healing handsand [2001 TVB drama] The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon’s Saber, you could say that those were my glory days. But maybe that’s because China wasn’t completely open to foreigners back then, so I could only stay in Hong Kong. In any case, returning to China after 1997, and with the relaxation of the Chinese markets, [China’s showbiz industry] maybe wasn’t as famous as the one in Hongkong, but the money earned is definitely much more than before,” he said.

As for why he moved to China, Lawrence said he always loved the mainland.

“Ever since I came to China eight years ago, I felt this place was my country. I’ve always been scolded in England and other countries, and scorned for being Chinese and so on. What kind of situation was that! Now, isn’t it great to be a Chinese citizen. And because I brought my Hong Kong way of thinking, coming to the mainland feels beneficial to me,” he said.

Photos: Lawrence Ng/Weibo, 福建海博TV/Weibo

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