How Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ‘marriage clearly developed’, says body language expert

Prince William and Kate Middleton have shown signs of growth in their marriage through public displays of affection, according to a body language expert. Here’s how their ways have changed and how it might relate to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton show growth in their marriage through affection, says body language expert

Body language expert Darren Stanton has analyzed the interactions between Prince William and Kate Middleton during the royal couple’s recent visit to Swansea. He compared it to one of their first engagements as a couple in Anglesey over 11 years ago.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair BingoStanton said “William and Kate’s marriage has clearly grown.”

“Another major development in the couple’s body language is public displays of affection and their ability to openly interact with each other,” the expert said. “We now see the couple engaging when appropriate, even kissing at certain events. It’s something they may have avoided in their first engagements, despite being newly married.

Another expert previously opined that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s increased affection could be due to the influence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Body language expert Judi James has observed that over the past year the new Prince and Princess of Wales have shown more affection in public. She reviewed footage of the royal couple at an event celebrating Shout’s Crisis volunteers, where William laid his hand on Kate’s back.

“There seems to be a slow but steady increase in PDA between Kate and William over the last year or so, with this back affectionate display being the most recent example,” the expert said. Express.

“The couple may not just be taking the example of the intensely tactile Harry and Meghan, but the way the Sussex PDAs were positively received would have just allowed the normally super formal and quite traditionally royal William to relax. a bit and to show his affection for his wife more openly from time to time.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been shunned for public displays of affection in the past

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have influenced Prince William and Kate Middleton, but their public displays of affection got them in trouble with the royal family.

Prince Harry and Prince William, along with their wives, are expected to follow specific protocols, particularly when dining with the Queen. But according to the South China Morning PostHarry and Meghan kept breaking the rules.

Royal insider Stefanie Jones claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were excluded from dinner parties due to their disregard for royal dining etiquette.

Specifically, Harry and Meghan eschewed traditional seating plans in favor of sitting next to each other, breaking the long-standing rule of splitting couples around the table to encourage conversation. They also committed the faux pas of showing affection at the dinner table.

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