How to close an account at Loan and Credit Bank?


Although we live in the 21st century, there are still few banks that offer clients to cancel their online personal account. Fortunately, Loan and Credit Bank is one of those! Closing an account via electronic banking is not the only way to cancel an account. Check how to close your account at Loan and Credit Bank.

Closing account at Loan and Credit Bank

Closing account at Loan and Credit Bank

You can close your personal account at Loan and Credit Bank in three ways:

  • in person by visiting a bank branch,
  • by post, by sending a notice by post,
  • online in online banking.

Card cancellation to an account at Loan and Credit Bank

Card cancellation to an account at Loan and Credit Bank

If you are going to opt out of both your account and card account, you can do it in one go. However, if you intend to eliminate or, in the event of unpleasant situations of theft or loss, block or block the card, you can do it in four ways – the faster, the better!

  1. Mobile banking
    Log in to the bank’s application. In the main menu, select the My Products → Cards section . Then select the type of card (debit / credit) and click Card Details. You will have two options to Lock * or Block ** the card. You must confirm the operation with a mobile banking PIN.
  2. Internet banking
    Log in to online banking. In the main menu, select the Cards tab and click on the card whose instruction is to apply. Click on the Details button and then Lock * or Restrict ** card. Confirm the operation with an SMS code.
  3. Bank helpline
    Call the phone number: +48 32 604 31 61 and wait for the consultant to report or call the hotline at 197 97 and select option 1 on the keyboard – Block payment card **.
  4. Visit to the ward.
    Go to the nearest branch to block or block the card. However, if your card has been lost or stolen, do not hesitate to visit the bank – choose a faster way to protect your funds!

* You will be able to unlock the blocked card later and use it in the future.
** A restricted card will be invalid – you will need to order a new one.

Account closure at a Loan and Credit Bank branch

If you are not your brother with the Internet and prefer to settle matters in person, you can go to one of the two hundred Loan and Credit Bank branches located in Poland and terminate the account agreement in the presence of an adviser.

  1. Find your nearest Loan and Credit Bank branch.
    A full list can be found here: list of Loan and Credit Bank branches.
  2. Take a valid ID card with you.
  3. Make an account termination and debit card account – you will receive a special print at the bank.

Warning! Check if your account contract has a fixed contract period. For breaking it ahead of time you will pay a fine – from a few to several hundred USD.