How to Get Your Own Real Estate as a Family?


While we tend to think that when a child is born he or she must already come to our property, there are many who delay it later.

This is also interesting because we are now able to report a number of subsidies that clearly benefit families with children or even families with many children. This prompted us to write a little bit about this, so we succeeded:

Let’s have enough of your own power!


No matter how old you are, no matter how many children you are, there is always a strong emphasis on having sufficient equity before buying a property.

We have more options to raise money, even when it comes to real estate. Here we have the securities account or NOK , and of course the home savings fund . All of these provide us with a great opportunity to prepare ourselves properly for borrowing.

As a small family, what are our options?


For many people, it is a natural order of life to have a wedding, a shared home, and have children. If we start with this, we usually have no children when we first buy a home. However, this does not present any disadvantage in terms of the Family Home Creation Benefit.

When a couple, or husband and wife, or a family buys real estate, it is always worth looking at how to use Family Home Discount . It is a non-repayable state subsidy and it helps us significantly in getting our real estate. Its value can be extremely high up to HUF 10 million. This requires the property to meet the requirements and have 3 children. Here is a picture that will help you see exactly how much Family Home Discount we can apply for.

What should we do if we have 1 child?


Interesting, but there are several options to choose from. One is to claim $ 600 for each child. The other is that we undertake to have 1-2-3 children in the next 10 years, along with the existing Lurkó. And in this case, we can claim a sum just as if they were born. The table shows that with 3 children and a 60sqm newly built property the 10 million HUF is already coming.

That sounds great, but we’ve written before that we handle these childbearing opportunities carefully. We wouldn’t even think that in a bad case, we could be in debt for a lifetime, because our article on Family Home Discount and What We Don’t Need to Know about It shocked many! Regardless of this, it is worth considering how to apply for a Family Home Discount.

What is Family Home Discount 10 + 10?


Family Home Discount 10 + 10 is a two-and-a-half-year-long experience that is a great support for large families. The first 10 in the name refers to Family Home Discount, ie the maximum value of non-repayable state aid. You have to have at least 3 children, and the property can only be newly built. The second tenth shows that up to HUF 10 million of government subsidized loans can be used for housing purchase . In addition, this loan guarantees us a fixed and low interest rate until the end of the term. See how much the 1% interest rate difference means by using the loan calculator.

One hundred words are the end, Family Home Discount is a great help for families, as we have to meet conditions that are not difficult at all and can earn millions of forints. It’s a good idea to steward yourself with this premium support, so contact us! We help you find every opportunity to make it easier or cheaper to get your own home.