I don’t want to sweat: Jackie Chan laments that some young actors want to look good without hard work, Entertainment News


A talk show to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Golden Rooster Awards recently featured Jackie Chan as a guest.

And while he was thrilled to share some highlights from his long career in showbiz, he added that some young actors today no longer believe in hard work.

During the interview, he recalled the dangers of some stunts he had seen and performed over the years.

The 67-year-old told the host that some young actors today lack the will to surpass themselves. He recalled statements he had heard recently.

“I won’t name any names. ‘Our actors can’t sweat’. ‘Our actors can’t do telegraph stunts.’

“They must have action scenes and it must be beautiful but they don’t want to have any hard times. I was angry when I heard it.”

His complaints don’t end there. Jackie also felt that they had a sense of entitlement which disrespected film crews.

“How can you [justify your attitude] in front of so many teammates who help you on the set with the lighting, while taking turns assisting you?


“You are the last to arrive and the first to leave – they are too lucky! Too many people have spoiled them,” he exclaimed.

Earlier in the interview, Jackie said he told the young actors to make every effort to star and that they will thank each other in the future when their efforts pay off.

During the talk show, he also expressed strong admiration for some veterans.

“I really admire the people who have stayed in the showbiz industry through thick and thin, falling back on their responsibilities,” he said.

He has held several jobs including construction, but like many others, he has always found his way back into acting.

“Next year marks the 60th year that I have entered the industry,” he said. “So if you persevere in whatever profession you are going to be successful and get what you want to accomplish. “

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