Jackie Chan once warned fans that a movie he did with Jet Li ‘wasn’t that great’

Actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li were two of the biggest action stars of the 90s and early 2000s. So when the opportunity presented itself to Chan to work with Li, Chan seized the opportunity despite the fact that he didn’t like the script. But after the movie, Chan realized his initial instincts were right and warned viewers that the movie might not turn out as good as they thought.

Jackie Chan Warned Viewers That ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ Wasn’t a Great Movie

Jackie Chan and Jet Li | Zhao Wei/Getty Images

The 2008 movie the Forbidden Kingdom was a fantasy film starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It followed a teenager played by Michael Angarano who is transported to ancient China where he must free a fairytale warrior. If he doesn’t, he’ll be stuck in this timeline and won’t be able to return home.

Although Chan was aware that many were anticipating this long-awaited collaboration between him and Li, Chan wasn’t too impressed with the film’s finished product. So much so that he felt compelled to warn fans of of the Kingdom quality.

“The movie I just shot with Jet Li, the Forbidden Kingdomactually isn’t that great,” Chan said, as reported by the Xinhua News Agency (Going through China Daily).

He would later claim that the film was primarily aimed at American, not Chinese, audiences. For this reason, fans shouldn’t have expected too much.

“Chinese viewers may not like it. If I say it’s a good movie now, then a lot of people will be filled with too high expectations and be disappointed when they see the movie,” he added.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li Tried to Make a Movie 20 Years Before ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’

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For Chan, the film gave him the opportunity to work with his good friend and fellow action star Jet Li. But before Kingdom, Chan tried to make a movie with Li decades before. However, the plans failed.

“We’ve known each other for over 30 years, and 20 years ago we tried to work on a movie together,” Chan said. MTV News. “I called him, and we sat down and talked, and he agreed, and I wrote the script and he agreed to the script. I told my company to do it, then somehow [didn’t come together]. I said ‘Why?’ and they said, ‘Because they want to own the rights.’ ‘Who owns the rights?’ “Golden Harvest wants to own the rights.” ‘China Star wants to own the rights.’ ‘Who owns the rights to the DVD?’ “Who owns the video rights?” I said no! We do not care? Just make the movie! ‘”

Jacie Chan Didn’t Like ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ Script

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Chan would eventually get the opportunity to work with Li. And for many, seeing the two fight was a show all on its own.

“The first day they fought is when they’re alone on the stage,” Angarano said. “It took two weeks to shoot this fight.”

Chan once described how onlookers would crowd around film sets just to see him and Li face off.

“Everyone thought, ‘Wow!’ But for us, it was nothing,” Chan added. “For us, it was just another movie, an ordinary day, but when the day came, a million people showed up, surrounded [the set], and there were paparazzi trying to take pictures. Every day the paparazzi tried to get in to take pictures. … They just wanted to see Jet maybe punch me.

But for Chan, Li was one of the only reasons he decided to make the film. Initially, the Peak hour the actor didn’t like the script too much.

“When they gave me the script, I thought it was nonsense,” Chan said according to Today. “But they told me Jet was doing it, so I said ‘yes’. The other reason was the director. I liked it The Lion King so I knew it would make a great kids fantasy, and it is.

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