Jam Hsiao is the highest paid Taiwanese singer

Jam Hsiao (left) continues to overtake Jay Chou as the highest paid Taiwanese singer. (Photo: Instagram / jam_hsiao0330, Instagram / jaychou)

Jam Hsiao is still the highest-paid Taiwanese singer this year with an annual income of NT $ 480 million (approximately S $ 23.6 million), according to an Apple Daily report. Jay Chou comes in second with NT $ 460 million (around S $ 22.6 million).

1. Jam Hsiao – S $ 23.6 million

Recently, Hsiao has shifted his focus from the Taiwanese market to the Chinese market. Its activities are now mainly based in mainland China. This year alone, he gave 25 performances which won him NT $ 90 million. His growing popularity in China also resulted in his nine mentions, which grossed NT $ 120 million. Hsiao even attended 17 reality shows, such as Keep Running and The Hero. Whether as a regular or a special guest, he earned NT $ 270 million from these appearances.

2. Jay Chou – S $ 22.6 million

By comparison, however, Chou seems to have reached second place – only NT $ 20 million (about S $ 982,000) less than Hsiao – much more easily. Even without holding on together due to the pandemic, 11 endorsements are enough to keep his pockets full. Although Chou (NT $ 520 million) also lost to Hsiao (NT $ 600 million) last year, if he manages to release his highly anticipated new album, which he has been teasing since 2017, the results could be very different next year.

3. Wang Leehom – S $ 10.3 million

Again third place, Wang Leehom, who recently confirmed his divorce from his wife for eight years. The activities of the singer of American origin are also based mainly in China now. This year, he earned a total of NT $ 210 million (approximately S $ 10.3 million) from four mentions, four reality shows and three movie-themed songs. If we include the NT $ 200 million he earned from his online singing lessons (not counted as his showbiz income), he would have entered the NT $ 400 million annual income bracket as the two others.

4. Ella Chen – S $ 4.9 million

Ella Chen of Taiwanese girl group SHE is the highest-paid Taiwanese singer this year, replacing her best friend Hebe Tien, who placed fourth last year. In order to spend time with her four-year-old son, her business is now mainly based in Taiwan. After getting married and giving birth, she developed a more extensive product line, including kitchen utensils and sanitary napkins. With 10 mentions and a few performances, his earnings in 2021 are estimated at NT $ 100 million (around S $ 4.9 million).

5. Jolin Tsai – S $ 4.4 million

In fifth place is Jolin Tsai, who dropped the NT $ 100 million income bracket for the first time in 13 years. Her NT $ 152 million last year is reduced to – though still a tidy sum – NT $ 90.25 million (around S $ 4.4 million) this year, because she couldn’t organize more. concerts around the world. Queen Mandopop’s income in 2021 comes from seven mentions (NT $ 70 million) and five concerts (NT $ 20.25 million).

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