Jessica C. Mari An Zhijie working in Mainland China Missing Dad (22:59) -20211126-SHOWBIZ


November 27, 2021

Jessica C. attended the fashion store opening event today. She said she missed working as a model very much and hadn’t worn high heels for 5 years. She returned to Hong Kong for two months. Her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son went to primary school and kindergarten respectively. After school, they took hobby, art and dance classes. Although she takes care of the transfer, she doesn’t find it difficult. When she sees her children happy, she is happy. Her husband, An Zhijie, was touring the mainland and for the first time this Christmas cannot be celebrated with the whole family. She said that their father was dearly missed by the children, especially their daughter. Earlier, when her husband returned to Hong Kong for a two-week break, her daughter arrested her father and ignored her.

In the same scene, Jiang Jiamin was nominated for “Best Actress”, “Most Popular TV Actress” and “Best Supporting Actress” at this year’s TVB awards ceremony. She is happy to be more confident to support the actress awards and would like to participate in 5. powerful. She then hosted a Feng Shui show with Li Nuoyi to cook. She said the kitchen is not a masterpiece. Recently, after watching “The God of Men’s Kitchen”, she would like to open another “Beauty Kitchen” in the business. Then she will recommend herself to show off her cooking skills on the show. She cooks simple Japanese dishes better.

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