Johnny Depp fan gets her autograph tattooed after waiting 10 hours to meet him

A Johnny Depp fan got his autograph tattooed – after waiting ten hours to meet him. Depp is currently on tour with Jeff Beck.

24 hours after greeting fans in Birmingham, where he performed at Symphony Hall and stayed at the Grand Hotel, Depp was in York. He and Beck played at the Barbican.

Michelle Boudin traveled from Bury, Lancashire, to York on Tuesday. She says she planned to meet him, get his signature, and have it permanently imprinted on her skin. Johnny signed her hand, and two days later she had it tattooed.

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Michelle said: “I had planned it. Tried to get it in Manchester as I was attending the gig but it was too busy so decided to drive to York. I’m a fan from him for a long time. I love his movies. , especially Sweeney Todd, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean. I waited 10 hours outside the York Barbican to meet Johnny Depp.

“It was the best decision of my life. Two days later, I get his autograph tattooed. I’m so happy. I love it. It’s a memory to keep forever and it was worth staying at. same place for 10 hours.” Last Wednesday, Depp won his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard.

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