Kobe wants Emily to stop breastfeeding

Kobe and Emily’s infamous disagreement over Emily breastfeeding their son, Koban, will finally air on the May 15 episode of 90 day fiance Season 9. Fans caught wind of the relationship red flag in a season preview, in which Kobe said he “can’t share boobs” with his son. Now fans can hear more about Emily and Kobe’s conversation about breastfeeding, as well as Emily’s parents’ thoughts on the matter.

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 9’s Emily Raised Her and Kobe’s Son in the US While Kobe Waited for Visa Approval

Emily, 29, and Kobe, 34, met at a nightclub in China, where Emily had been an English teacher. Their relationship started out as a one-night stand, but quickly turned into a whirlwind romance. The two got engaged and Emily found out she was pregnant with their son. She returned to Salina, Kansas, while Kobe stayed to await visa approval.

Unfortunately, delays in the approval process caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic meant that Emily had to welcome Koban into the world alone. Kobe and Emily spent two years apart while Emily raised Koban with her parents.

In 90 day fiance Season 9, Kobe finally moved to the United States to be with his family. He first met his son in Episode 4, a heartwarming moment that brought Kobe to tears.

“Meeting Koban for the first time, I couldn’t take it anymore. He was so nice. I’m a dad just because of him. It was just a really beautiful moment,” he told the cameras.

Kobe says he wants Emily to stop breastfeeding Koban

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Now that Kobe has reunited with his family, he’s ready to make some lifestyle changes. In a 90 day fiance clip preview shared by People, Kobe tells Emily that she needs to wean Koban from breastfeeding. However, Emily disagrees.

“Baby, you’ve been breastfeeding for about 17 months,” Kobe tells her in a confessional. According to Kobe, the norm in his country is to stop breastfeeding at “eight, nine, 10 months”.

“It’s rare to see a mother breastfeeding even at the age of one,” Kobe says during a conversation in their living room. “We are talking about my son.

“Our son,” Emily corrects him.

Back at the confessional, Emily defends herself by saying that breastfeeding creates a bond between mother and child, and maybe Kobe wants that bond.

“I’m not going to take this off just because you’re here,” Emily tells Kobe.

Kobe later shares another reason why he wants Emily to stop breastfeeding: it will affect their sex life.

“I can’t share boobs with my son,” Kobe reveals. “I don’t mean to sound selfish here, but it’s just the truth.”

Emily’s parents find Kobe’s breastfeeding comments ‘disappointing’

Fortunately, Emily has the support of her parents in the discussion. Her dad, who is chatting with the couple in the living room, says “the longer the better” about breastfeeding and adds that Koban seems perfectly fine at this age.

In a confessional, Emily’s father says he thinks Kobe is “completely wrong”, while her mother adds that she is “disappointed” in Kobe.

“I mean, it’s perfectly natural for Emily to want to do what she has to do to express milk,” her dad says.

Will Emily follow Kobe’s breastfeeding advice? Fans will have to watch the latest episode to see how the couple solves this problem.

90 day fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates.

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