Mika Reins is gearing up for her most pivotal TV role in Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters

Mika Renes. Image courtesy of Regal Entertainment, Inc.

“Regal Baby” Mika Reins is one of the fastest growing fashion and business models in the Philippines. Ms. Roselle Monteverde found a young and beautiful chinita model with a very high IQ. Her first television role was in the eight-part miniseries “Raya Sirena,” which was based on a popular episode of “Regal Studio Presents.”

Mika Reins gained first-hand experience of what it’s like to be in the entertainment industry by being around new and veteran actors. She went through the stages of what it takes to be in the entertainment industry and participated in the whole process of working with the director, screenwriters and other actors.

I have no doubt that Mika Reins’ participation in a national television mini-series turned into a teaching opportunity. Indeed, experience is sometimes the most exemplary teacher in life, and this is where Reins gains experience.

In truth, everything must have a beginning. Everyone has to start at some point. Mika Reins made her official debut, and since then everyone has seen nothing but growth in her new profession.

Mika Reins will be in the third episode of “Mano Po Legacy” on GMA Network, which will be called “Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters” and will air on October 31, 2022 on GMA Network nationwide.

Below is my brief interview with “Regal Baby” Mika Reins about her preparations for her biggest TV role to date.

1. How do you feel about being part of the cast of the third installment of “Mano Po Legacy” titled: “The Flower Sisters” on GMA Network?

Mika Renes: Being a cast member of the Mano Po Legacy series is exciting and fulfilling, especially for me as a Chinese Filipino. I believe there are many untold stories from my culture that audiences would find inspiring. When I was young, I admired all of Mano Po’s films. I watched veteran actresses such as Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ara Mina, Vilma Santos, and Sharon Cuneta play Chinese-Filipino family characters on television. It gives me the confidence to observe as a spectator and to relearn the principles and ideals they have nurtured in me. I wouldn’t believe you if you told me I’d be on this show a year ago.

To prepare for Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters, I had to rewatch past Mano Po films and do some preliminary study and research. I had to relearn everything, including the business world, the dynamics of a Tycoon family, Chinese customs and traditions, etc. Since I was raised with the values ​​of being Chinese-Filipino, I believe I have a solid understanding of what it means to be Chinoy.

Mika Renes.  Image courtesy of Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Mika Renes. Image courtesy of Regal Entertainment, Inc.

I learn a lot about show business every day and I’m thrilled to work with such great and dedicated people. My co-actors and the production team work hard, which also inspires me to do the same work. I cannot thank Regal Entertainment Inc, Ms. Roselle Monteverde, Tito Joey Abacan and Director Joey/Jose Javier Reyes enough for the trust and the opportunity.

2. Without giving away any major spoilers. What can you tell us about the on-screen character you’ll be playing here? How does she behave with you in real life?

In Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters, I will be playing Kayla Gomez. The daughter of Violet Chua (Beauty Gonzalez) and Julian Gomez (Rafael Rosell) and the granddaughter of Miguel Gomez (Johnny Revilla). Known to be rebellious, Kayla enters the world of the Chua family and fights her way through her efforts and those of her family. She’s a daddy’s girl with bright ideas and ambitions. She is unquestionably intelligent and she constantly strives for justice and balance. She wants to speak her mind and be taken seriously to stand up for what is right. Likewise, Kayla is a woman who does not need validation from others, as she is strong and independent. I can relate to Kayla and sometimes I think they built her character around me.

In most Chinese-Filipino homes, our parents quickly categorized us as lawyers, doctors, or businessmen. However, I have seen many chinoys establish themselves and achieve a lot through unconventional careers. My relationship with Kayla is very similar to growing up. I never felt the need to lock myself into these categories. I grew up with a passion for Arts and fashion. As my modeling career blossomed, another door opened to the world of showbiz. I’m happy to say that after finishing college recently and putting a lot of effort into my showbiz career, like Kayla, I feel like we’re both in the same boat – navigating the life, enjoying the moment, making mistakes in your twenties while keeping our feet on the ground, appreciating our values ​​and standing up for the love and friendship of our friends and family.

3. How do you think viewers and fans of ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ will react after seeing your performance? What do you want them to say about your game?

I hope I can give the audience an opportunity to immerse themselves in modern Sino-Filipino culture and show that women are just as empowered and capable as men. With my performance, I hope to offer a rich experience of my culture and create an extraordinary character from Kayla; to show the audience how I can also portray a maldita and rebellious nature, with the duality of being tender and caring towards those she loves and represents.

In the same way, I hope to do Kayla justice and show the audience that she shares many of our traits, including the rebellious side that so many of us have. Kayla is the cousin and friend who stands by you in difficult times, the watchful yet protective daughter, and Kayla is the woman who is confident and sure of herself, especially when trouble and chaos take over.


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