MrBeast’s “Squid Game” video outraged fans


YouTuber James Steven Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, made the news for his extravagant recreation of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Korean drama Squid game. The Youtuber recreated the immense and complex set of K-drama and brought together 456 players to participate in the Games. His version is an elaborate display minus the gore and violence.

While many fans praise MrBeast for his detailed project, he is also under surveillance for spending millions to make the video. Fans claim he plagiarizes director’s work and breaks Squid game global message on the division of social classes.

Thumbnail of the video “Squid Game” by MrBeast | MrBeast via Youtube

MrBeast gave players a cash prize for participating in the “Squid Game” video

The Youtuber, MrBeast, has over 80 million followers on his channel and has decided to take the Squid game infatuation by the horns. According to The South China Morning Post, the Youtuber spent $ 3.5 million to recreate the set used in the K-drama. Much like the K-drama, it signed 456 players with the promise of one winning the grand prize. Instead of the huge amount of cash offered in the K-drama, MrBeast’s prize was US $ 456,000 for the winner.

His version of Squid game had some minor tweaks for players who have seen the K-drama before. For the Dalgona challenge, players were not allowed to choose the form. For the final round of the Games, players instead participated in musical chairs.

Contrary to the tragic fate of the players after losing a round, MrBeast presented each disqualified contestant with a prize of US $ 2,000. The second winner received US $ 10,000.

Fans slam MrBeast for plagiarizing Hwang Dong-hyuk’s work

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One of the criticisms MrBeast has faced about his Squid game The video takes Hwang’s 10-year-old work and rids his immense success for his own. American actor, comedian and writer Ron Funches posted on Twitter about the matter. “Yes, it’s a lot easier to copy someone else’s hard work for profit. It’s not a designer economy, it’s a crooks economy, ”Funches said.

MrBeast’s original TikTok video got the views to get the project started. It took about a month to create the set, according to Buzzfeed. Within four days of the video’s release, it gained 103 million views. But it also led fans to criticize his success solely because of Squid game already existing popularity.

“It took less time to make because it was an inspiration from a previously made show that was the product of 10 years of hard work. It took less time to reach the sights because Squid game is already huge, without it the MrBeast video wouldn’t exist at all ”, Aanchal Agrawal said on Twitter. The video and the cost of its creation also drew negative comments.

Does MrBeast’s video miss the point on capitalism in “Squid Game”?

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Much like the reviews Chrissy Teigen received for her extravagance Squid game gone, MrBeast is being ridiculed for doing exactly what the K-drama is trying to portray about society. “Donaldson has been criticized for spending such a large amount of money to recreate a show that at its core is a commentary on poverty and wealth disparities,” the South China Morning Post said.

Squid game was a bloody battle for survival where 456 players searched for an answer to their ruined lives. The storyline was about greed, as many players were willing to do whatever it took to win. The message of the K-drama centered on the social and wealth gap between the rich and the poor. The Games are run by the upper class elite who use their power for entertainment. The MrBeast version is all the richness minus the consequences.

One Reddit fan commented, “Either way, my position is that it feels weird to watch the show, and the first thing you do is put yourself in Front Man’s shoes, but that doesn’t make any difference. him a bad person. ” While MrBeast has been criticized for using a large sum of money to recreate the Games for entertainment purposes, some fans are fighting back, claiming he has done charitable work in the past.


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