Purchase of real estate by foreigners on a mortgage


Foreigners can buy apartments in Poland and build houses. What’s more, in the absence of sufficient cash, they can also benefit from the financial support of Polish banks.

The purchase of real estate by foreigners on a mortgage is associated with a very similar procedure as for a classic client. The differences mainly concern documentation – what do banks require? How do you get permission to buy real estate? What property can be bought without the permission of the ministry? We answer!

Foreigners in Poland and the purchase of real estate being credited


Foreigners with a permanent or temporary residence permit in Poland have been coming for several years now. For those of them who have documents authorizing legal housing and taking up employment in our country, a loan offer of domestic banks is available.

This is a great convenience for foreigners who would like to strengthen their ties with Poland and buy property located on its territory. If you also belong to this group, and at the same time you lack the funds to finance such a goal, then this article is for you. We discuss everything you need to know about a mortgage for a foreigner.

Legal regulations and the purchase of real estate by foreigners

Legal regulations and the purchase of real estate by foreigners

If you intend to buy or build real estate in Poland, pay attention primarily to two legal acts: the Act of 24 March 1920 on the purchase of real estate by foreigners and the ordinance of the Minister of the Interior of 20 June 2012.

These documents specify which foreigners and on what terms can make such investments. First of all, it results from them that a foreigner wishing to acquire the right of ownership or perpetual usufruct of real estate must obtain permission from the Minister of the Interior.

In practice, it is not always required, and in some situations you can count on a simpler procedure.

How to get a permit to buy real estate?

How to get a permit to buy real estate?

To obtain permission from the Interior Minister for the purchase or construction of real estate, you must first submit the appropriate application and pay the required stamp duty. The latter include the costs of issuing a promise, permits, powers of attorney and certificates – together they amount to nearly USD 2,000.

You can count on a positive answer when you confirm in a document that you have Polish citizenship or origin, have got married to a Polish citizen, or have obtained a residence permit. Consent to purchase real estate will be expressed on condition that you do not violate public order or national security through such purchase.