Rumors Resurfaced: Tony Leung and Zhou Xun Act Together After 6 Years, Stirring Up Gossip Over Old Affair, Entertainment News

The past has come to haunt Tony Leung, 60, and Zhou Xun, 47.

Chinese actress was recently announced the female lead role of the new WWII film, Anonymous, starring Hong Kong leader Tony Leung.

However, Chinese showbiz media was not content to note that it was their first collaboration in six years. Old rumors about their alleged affair 10 years ago have also been revived.

In 2012, following the duo’s performances in The Great Magician (2011) and The Silent War (2012), rumors began that Tony and Zhou Xun were having an affair. He was then married to Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, now 56.

In an interview with Taiwan’s United Daily News that yearZhou Xun gave a non-response when asked about their relationship, saying with a laugh, “Is there such a thing? I heard that people would have liked to be in a relationship with (singer -Taiwanese actress) Mavis Fan.”

Tony and Zhou Xun were apparently so close that in 2013 he would have invited her to celebrate her 51st birthday together when his wife was away. However, their plans were scrambled when Carina got wind of it and returned to Hong Kong.


Later this year, Carina wrote on her Weibo: “The jealousy of others will not benefit oneself, nor reduce the achievements of others.”

To complicate matters, Zhou Xun is also said to have been dating Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse at the time.

According to Taiwanese media, Zhou Xun and Nicholas, 41, became lovers in Beijing in 2011though both were quick to deny these claims.

Speaking to the media during a event for Overheard 3 in 2013Zhou Xun calmly faced questions about her relationship with Nicholas and Tony.

“I knew those questions would definitely be asked,” she said. “The truth is that [my response] can be summed up in two sentences.

“I am not in Hong Kong for Tony Leung, but to promote the new movie. I will leave Hong Kong tomorrow, not to escape the scandal with Nicholas Tse, but to prepare for the next TV series.”

Rumors were put to rest when she married Hollywood actor Archie Kao, now 52, ​​in 2014. The couple, however, separated in 2020.

Anonymous, currently in post-production, is a spy film set during the World War II period and follows Chinese spies as they send intelligence to China.

Tony and Zhou Xun last starred together in 2016’s Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait, a film about men and women who go deep into a forest to enjoy a few days of anonymity between them. .

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