Stevie Nicks reveals his dog saved his life

Stevie Nicks is a proud dog mom who often shares photos of her precious pup Lily. And for the pooch’s birthday, the legendary musician shared a heartfelt message revealing that Lily saved his life.

Stevie Nicks loves animals and treats her pets like family

Stevie Nicks in 2017 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Nicks is an animal lover who loves her pets. The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer takes her dogs with her on tour and always keeps them close. She even said that she wanted to be reincarnated as her dog.

But like she said vogueshe also has a special relationship with her pet fish.

“I always have two betta fish, but they have to be separated; otherwise they will kill each other,” Nicks explained. “I put my finger in their aquarium, and blue will swim around my hand like a little dolphin.”

The Fleetwood Mac singer also revealed that she commemorates her fish with a special ritual when they die.

“When my fish get old and suddenly die, I have a funeral for them in my backyard where I play Celine Dion,” Nicks said. “I filmed them and everything [laughs]. It’s too much, but luckily I haven’t had any dead fish recently.

Stevie Nicks says her dog Lily saved her life

Nicks has almost always had a dog. Shortly after her beloved Yorkshire terrier Sulamith died at the age of 18, she found love with her new Chinese Crested puppy, Lily.

In May 2020, on Lily’s birthday, the singer took Twitter to commemorate the day. And in the emotional post, she revealed how the puppy helped save her.

“4 years ago when my little Sulamith died at 18 ~ found this little tree fairy ~ waited 17 days,” Nicks wrote. “She saved my life…Happy 4th Birthday Lily~as we walk this life’s journey~Love forever, Mama Stevie.”

Lily accompanies the singer on tour and knows Harry Styles

Stevie Nicks didn’t explain how Lily saved his life, but she spoke at length about their relationship. In a 2019 interview with In the stylethe rock star revealed that Lily accompanied him on tour and that they were always together before performances.

“Lily has been on the road with me for most of her life, and she loves it because she gets so much attention,” Nicks said. “On the day of a show, she stays with me most of the time. She especially likes being there for my vocal warm-up. I even made up a blues song that I sing to her when it’s time for her to eat.

Nicks also revealed that Lily knows several of her famous friends, including Chris Isaak, Sheryl Crow and Harry Styles. And she noted that the rest of Fleetwood Mac adored her, too.

“She brings so much joy to the entire Fleetwood Mac team, from the band to the people who do the rigging to the caterers,” she added. “They all come backstage to see Lily because when there’s no dog, there’s no joy.”

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