‘Such a person should have disappeared from showbiz’: Mark Lee on ‘disrespectful’ local director who berated Mimi Choo, Entertainment News

Tongues started to stir when veteran actress Mimi Choo recently revealed that a director in Singapore once threw a tantrum on her, and Mark Lee has some strong words about the situation.

On Monday (June 20), the Hong Kong actress said she had no plans to star in Singapore just yet – her experience with the temperamental director guaranteed that.

“I lived that [incident]… where I asked [something] and the other part said, ‘Didn’t you look at the script? You don’t know anything?'” Mimi, 67, told the Shin Min Daily News, recounting how she was severely reprimanded by a local director.

Reacting to this revelation from Mimi, actor and comedian Mark Lee shared his thoughts in a interview with Shin Min Daily News.

Mark, 53, said: “I’ve never met such a person at the start of filming and I certainly haven’t met anyone like that afterwards, whether in Singapore, Hong Kong or in Taiwan.

“If someone is able to speak so terribly to their cast, I think such a person should have disappeared from showbiz a long time ago!”

It’s normal for actors to ask questions, Mark explained. In fact, good actors should ask questions or make relevant requests when necessary, the star said.

“For their own good and for the benefit of the show, they should probe when in doubt,” Mark said. “As for the director, he should be ready to give explanations.”

Mark also explained that the director’s behavior towards Mimi was surprising because the latter is an industry veteran.

“While she was acting, the director may have still been in diapers.”


Mark added: “It’s very disrespectful to speak to elders in this way.”

But while Mimi Choo might have emerged relatively unscathed from this on-set conflict, other actors might not be able to say the same.

Last month, 33-year-old Star Search 2010 winner Jeffrey Xu admitted to Lianhe Zaobao that he “had an attitude problem” in the early years of his career.

When confronted by a director who asked if he knew “how to act” and wondered how he won Star Search, Jeffrey stood up and retorted.

Although he later apologized, Jeffrey noted that he had a lull period of more than a year where he had no drama planned for him as a result of this incident. However, it is not certain that this is a consequence of his outburst.

On a meWATCH talk show, actor Romeo Tan, 36, also said he faced fury from several directors on his road to stardom.

In one instance, Romeo had a disagreement with a director over his speaking speed, which resulted in him being detained on set even after he finished filming his scenes.

“Maybe I didn’t show enough sensitivity in my answers,” Romeo said. “He probably sensed that I was answering him.”

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