The bank has a standard private loan in its range


If you want help finding a cheap and good private loan, the service that Good Finance offers can be something to look up. They do not lend themselves any money, but instead they make suggestions from a number of lenders. You can get help finding a private loan from USD 5,000 up to USD 400,000.

You submit an application on Good Finance’s website and then they will pass this information on to the lenders who will come back with what a loan from them would cost. In this way, you only send in one application and then quickly get answers from several lenders. After you have received this answer, you can easily choose the one that is the cheapest or best for you. Utilizing the service from Good Finance costs you nothing at all.

Your application


In the application that is submitted, you must fill in information that is used for the lenders to be able to make a decision whether they want to lend and what interest rate you will receive.

If you are going to use the money to settle previously expensive loans, you fill in what loans were in the application. If it is a brand new loan you are looking for, you do not need to fill in what the money is to be used for.

Otherwise, the size of the loan amount, term, job situation, housing form, social security number etc. must be filled in. So nothing strange but what is needed to find out who you are and what your finances look like.

Terms of loan


If your application is to be approved, you must be at least 18 years old and have a fixed monthly income. Then the requirements are also governed by how much money you want to borrow. For loans over USD 60,000, there must be no payment notes.

Loans under USD 60,000 can be obtained even if there are payment remarks, but then a good financial situation is otherwise required. If you are going to take a loan over USD 30,000, you must have a monthly income of at least USD 9,167 before tax. The same rules do not apply to the smaller loans, but here it is only if you are under the age of 22 that you must have that monthly income.

Good Finance offers the following types of services:


  • Mediation of private loans from USD 5,000 to USD 400,000.

Below you will find a link that goes directly to the Good Finance website. There you can find exact information about exactly this lender’s various services. If you want to borrow money, this is also the way to go.