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Singapore – Last year (2020) former actor-host Thomas Ong announced his retirement. Recently, the star explained why he had not pursued his acting career in China’s lucrative market.

He spoke about it in his Instagram post on October 4. Ong, 52, has left and returned to Mediacorp several times over the years. When asked why Ong didn’t pursue his career in China, he responded with a smile, saying, “Too old. Too late. All the money was made by other people.

Nonetheless, Ong revealed that the real reason is a bit more complicated. According to Straits Times, Ong regularly traveled to China for his corporate gift business around 20 years ago.

At the time, he got to know the people of showbiz. Ong learned how foreign stars such as those from Taiwan and Hong Kong had to network and aggressively promote each other at gatherings.

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Photo: Instagram screenshot / Thomas Ong

“First of all, you have to understand that being invited to attend these dinners or karaoke (parties) was an opportunity to be seized,” he said.

“Maybe you are a heavy drinker that everyone admires. Or maybe you are really good at singing and dancing to show off your talents. If you know how to share entertainment gossip that makes everyone laugh, then congratulations to you, you will have a bright future.

He added that in comparison, the entertainment world in Singapore was “much more innocent.”

“If you want to survive in a world where ‘dragons’ and ‘snakes’ coexist and where there is an abundance of talented people, you must have the courage to give your all. Luck, benefactors, strength, attitude and divine talent – you need it all, ”he wrote.

He had been invited to such parties by an investor friend, but concluded that the scene was not for him.

He said: “After a self-analysis at that point, young Thomas thought about it and felt like he was lacking everything. So he decided to keep a low profile and simply be the guest of his investor friend. / TISG

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