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“Over the past few weeks we have seen an almost uninterrupted mass exodus of people from other camps.”

What is clear at this point in the presidential derby is that the pink movement has become unstoppable, evolving into a grand rainbow coalition fueled by groups of people from different social and economic backgrounds. This is evident in the Robredo campaign’s recent unveiling of a multicolored flower icon as a new symbol of the rose movement.

More than the optics, it is a fair affirmation of the diversity now present in the ranks, giving credence to the assertion that this is a popular campaign. From being a one-color movement, the Robredo campaign is now a giant vaulted roof that unites supporters from all walks of life who are united in their belief in a better future under a Robredo presidency.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed an almost uninterrupted mass exodus of people from other camps. It validates the dynamics palpable in the field, and even in the latest surveys.

Former supporters of rival camps who join campaign rallies and popular outings are welcomed with open arms. Showbiz personalities and theater people descended from their pedestals to join the masses by organizing flash mobs and door-to-door campaigns.

There is now a regular parade of big-name actors and influencers coming out for the vice president. Doctors, lawyers, academics, business people and lay people have also backed Robredo and his running mate, Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

Anyone who has joined or witnessed the instantaneous “song and dance” numbers materializing on the city streets would be impressed by their contagious afterglow. The new campaign icon Leni-Kiko captures the collective spirit that drives these gatherings.

Alarmed by the throngs of people jumping on the Leni-Kiko train, political rivals have alleged that local politicians offering support to Robredo have been paid, which his camp describes as completely false and without any basis.

Senator Franklin Drilon made this clear when he said the pink movement was snowballing and elected officials with their political kingpins could now feel the tide turn. He said the “pivot” to the Robredo-Pangilinan camp of hundreds of influential officials in the regions was and will be voluntary on their part.

He scoffed at “fake news fabricated by trolls” that Robredo’s camp has dangled financial support to get local elected officials to change their allegiance. The former Senate president claimed there was “no swap deal, only the promise that a Robredo presidency will fight for the people and give our children a brighter future.”

Perhaps the rival camp’s next ridiculous outburst is to blame flash mobs and house-to-house campaigning as a ruse for volunteers to spy on homes and steal homeowners’ prized possessions.

The door-to-door campaign is catching fire with volunteers, local leaders and showbiz personalities knocking on the doors of ordinary Filipino homes.

Although it has proven itself in past elections, there is something unique about this grassroots campaign. No other “presidential” can claim to have legions of ordinary citizens on the streets, visiting barangays rain or shine, using their own money and politely telling people to vote for their candidate.

A commendable thing is the conduct and behavior of the volunteers from house to house – polite and respectful despite the blows and teasing. A happy campaign indeed. It’s the kind of civility that converts people and wins their hearts and votes. And this is how the war on fake news is won on the front lines.

The rival camp must be assured that Robredo’s volunteers are not out to steal money from households. There is a big difference between doing “akyat-bahay” to take billions from the coffers of the nation and doing “bahay-bahay” to appeal to the hearts and minds of voters. With the surge in favor of the Robredo campaign, the snowball seems to have become unstoppable. But let’s wait for the results of the actual vote on May 9, because that’s when we can see if the pink movement really had enough of an impact on Filipino voters to choose pink instead of pink. red.

Requiem for Ambassador Chito Sta. Roman

I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Ambassador Chito Sta. Romana on her untimely demise last Monday.

Chito was a familiar fixture at street rallies in the early 1970s. Due to his active involvement in radical politics, he was blacklisted by the military for alleged violation of RA 1700 or the Anti- subversion. So when Marcos Sr. suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus after the Plaza Miranda bombing in 1971, he decided, along with several other student activists, to stay in China where they had been invited to see for themselves what was happening in China. this country under Mao. His exposure to life in China since 1971 and his subsequent stint as the Beijing-based bureau chief of the American Broadcast Company (ABC) served him well as he distinguished himself as an expert on China. , enough to convince President Duterte to name him a Filipino. sent to China at the end of 2016.

With Chito’s passing, he leaves a void in the Philippine Embassy in Beijing that his successor may find difficult to fill, as the position involves a delicate balancing act where he must protect and defend our national interests while showing utmost respect for China’s position on bilateral issues and concerns. (Email: [email protected])

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