What does Emily do for work?

90 day fiance Season 9 introduces viewers to Kobe and Emily, who are ready to start their life together in the United States with their son, Koban, after two years apart. However, cultural differences and disagreements over parenting and money can cause problems for the couple. Learn more about Emily and Kobe at 90 day fianceincluding how they met and what Emily did for the job.

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 9: How did Emily and Kobe meet?

Emily, 29, and Kobe, 34, met at a nightclub in Xi’an, China. The two ended up spending a night together and Emily admitted she wasn’t looking for anything serious. However, their night turned into a whirlwind romance. After spending some more time together, Emily and Kobe got engaged. Shortly after, she found out she was pregnant with their baby boy.

Emily returned home to Kansas, while Kobe returned to Cameroon and began working toward his K-1 visa. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic delayed the process, separating Emily and Kobe for two years. Finally, Kobe traveled to America to meet his son for the first time, as seen on a recent episode of 90 day fiance Season 9.

’90 Day Fiancé’ revealed a bit about Emily’s work before and after meeting Kobe

Emily explained on 90 day fiance that she landed a job as an English teacher in China while traveling the world, which is how she met Kobe. At the time, he was working as an underwear model. When Emily became pregnant, she moved to live with her parents and sister in Kansas and worked as a nanny. However, taking care of Koban and preparing for Kobe’s arrival in the United States has become a priority.

As seen in the clip above, before Kobe arrived, Emily talked with her parents about what their future might look like. Her father expressed concern about Emily’s expectations:

“You’re not going to have the wildlife you had in China. He will have to be domesticated very quickly until he becomes a dad, taking care of a crazy one and a half year old. He’s going to have to be a stay-at-home dad for a while.

Additionally, he warned Emily that he would financially support her and Kobe for six months. Her father feared that she might get pregnant again. She insisted she had birth control but hadn’t started taking it yet.

Emily’s parents fear Kobe will provide for their daughter

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In 90 day fiance Season 9 Episode 5, which aired Sunday, May 15, Kobe checked into Emily’s house on his first day in America. The family sat together for dinner, where they again discussed finances. Emily’s father warned Kobe that he should find a job, but his visa prohibits him from working until six months after arriving in the United States.

A lot 90 day fiance fans took to social media to comment on Emily’s father’s warning, noting that it should be Emily who gets another job.

“ALL THROUGHOUT Emily’s dad said he was worried that Kobe could provide for his daughter. How about holding your daughter accountable and realizing that this guy is leaving another country. That would be more easy if she worked and he was a stay-at-home dad,” one person said. wrote on Twitter.

“Are you worried if Kobe has a plan but not if Emily has a plan??” another person asked.

90 day fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates.

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