“What if I left everything behind and retired? Ajoomma was Hong Huifang’s “last chance” in showbiz, Entertainment News

Who would have thought that Golden Horse Award nominee Hong Huifang was planning to retire from showbiz just before she landed her role in Ajoomma?

In an interview with AsiaOne last Thursday (October 20), Huifang revealed that she also gave herself an ultimatum – if she couldn’t flesh out her role in Ajoomma well, she would delete all her social media accounts and quit the game altogether. showbiz.

The 61-year-old actress said: “Before I got this role (in Ajoomma), I had acted in so many dramas and played a variety of roles – but I had never played the lead role before and certainly not. for a movie.

“At that point I was like, ‘What if I leave it all behind and retire?'”

In Ajoomma, Huifang plays the title character as a Singaporean aunt who travels alone to South Korea after her only child suddenly withdraws from touring.

However, when she leaves the tour bus during an unplanned pit stop, she is left behind and embarks on an unexpected journey to rediscover herself.


“This role allowed me to fully utilize my many years of experienceespecially more heartfelt and emotional roles I’ve played in the past,” Huifang shared.

“I figured this was my last chance. If I didn’t take this opportunity and didn’t do my job well, I would close all my social media accounts and quit showbiz.”

Yesterday (October 26), Huifang also shared a video on Instagram from her first day of filming in South Korea.

Appearing in front of her camera with tears in her eyes, she said: “Today, January 16, 2022, is a day that will forever be etched in my heart, and also a turning point in my life that I have waited for for decades. . “

She added, choking back tears, “Even though it’s only the first day of filming, I’m very nervous but also very excited. I believe I can bring this character to life — Ajoomma is me, I’m Addomma.

“I hope Ajoomma will be able to stand on the world stage and be recognized around the world – Hong Huifang, Ajoomma, do your best! You can do it!”


Knowing now that she had given herself an ultimatum, it becomes clear that this video was recorded with a lot of underlying emotions and she probably felt it was all or nothing for her and her career.

And his gamble paid off extremely well.

Towards the end of September this year, it was announced that Huifang had been nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awardswhich is the Chinese equivalent of the Oscars.

The film was also selected as Singapore’s entry into the Oscars.

Looking back on her success, she said in the interview with AsiaOne, “Ajoomma made me feel like I still have a way to go, maybe for another 10-20 years.

“It revived and rejuvenated me and my career and kept me going for a little longer, at least until my body gave out.”

Ajoomma also features local actor Shane Pow and South Korean actors Kang Hyung-suk and Jung Dong-hwan, and is currently screening at theaters in Singapore’s Golden Village.

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