Where did they film this scene from Wuhan, China?



The morning show caught up with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) this week. Season 2 began on New Years Eve 2019. Episode 3 takes the show through March 2020, where Daniel (Desean Terry) travels to Wuhan, China to cover emerging crises on the spot. We all know what happened in March 2020.

Desean Terry (right) | Apple

Of course, Apple TV + could not film The morning show on site in Wuhan. Terry confirmed in a Webex interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on September 10 that they rigged it locally in California.

Where did “The Morning Show” go to recreate Wuhan, China?

Terry said The morning show filmed his scenes from Wuhan, China, just outside Los Angeles, California. He credited the decorator with transforming an ordinary American city into a compelling approximation of Wuhan.

“We were in Anaheim,” Terry told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “But it was really pretty spectacular because Nelson Coates, who’s the production designer and artistic director, does it over and over again during the season he finds these places. Because we couldn’t travel that much, so he had to be very creative.

Wuhan, China would not be available at best

The morning show probably wouldn’t be able to film an on-site drama at Ground Zero for a viral outbreak even if the pandemic was over. Terry said it’s a testimonial from Coates and the artists behind the scenes that it sounds so compelling.

“He must have found locations in no time at all and all of a sudden we’re in this station and it’s like oh my God we’ve been transported,” Terry said. “We’ve done it with all the different places we’ve done this year. So people also know we’re in Italy, so it was really, really exciting to see how they were working in order to maintain the international footprint that our characters go through, but we are limited due to COVID. “

Desean Terry takes a phone call on The Morning Show

Desean Terry | Apple

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Terry and his teammates have returned to work under industry pandemic safety protocols. The actor still wanted to check.

“This is the first thing I emailed when I found out Daniel was on his way to Wuhan,” Terry said. “I was like, ‘We’re not really going to Wuhan, are we? “”

‘The Morning Show’ covers the coronavirus pandemic

Daniel and his team are not leaving Wuhan until the lockdown. Thus, Daniel ends up reporting the pandemic from his hotel room. The reports he gives may seem very familiar to people who have watched similar reports live as the news in 2020. The conversations the most TMS the team had in the previous episode, debating whether or not to cover the emerging pandemic.

Desean Terry & Janina Gavankar Report New Years Eve

Janina Gavankar and Desean Terry | Apple

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“He’s in quarantine and he’s reporting from the hotel,” Terry said. “I think these are some of the first images we started to see for me, at least for COVID which I remember specifically, people were in Wuhan and seeing the disaster happening there. And in the back of my mind I was wondering, I’ve seen this happen with Ebola and stuff before and it’s never impacted America in this way since I’ve been alive. It’s so fascinating that three months later it was like oh wow, that’s exactly what they were talking about.

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