Where is the island of Miquelon located? BBC filming location for the tense reunion in Peaky Blinders episode 1

The long-awaited final season of Peaky Blinders begins tonight (February 27) on BBC One. Fans of the series will remember that the show ended with Tommy Shelby holding a gun to his head after his attempts to assassinate Oswald Mosley backfired.

Picking up four years later, season six catches up with a rather different version of Tommy (played by Cillian Murphy) on the French island of Miquelon. Not only is he away from home and speaks French, but he is also sober.

The first episode also catches up with the rest of the cast, including siblings Shelby Arthur (Paul Anderson) and Ada (Sophie Rundle) as well as Tommy’s wife Lizzie (Natasha O’Keefe). It also deals with the death of actor Helen McCrory, who played Aunt Polly for the first five series.

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But where is the island of Miquelon and what is Tommy Shelby doing there? Here’s everything you need to know.

Where is the island of Miquelon located?

Miquelon, also known as Grande Miquelon, is one of the last French territories in North America. It is located just off Newfoundland, next to the island of Saint-Pierre.

Originally a French colony, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon moved back and forth between Britain and France for over 100 years beginning in 1713. Finally, in 1816, France regained control of the islands and they have remained French territory ever since.

Why is Tommy Shelby on the island of Miquelon?

The new Peaky Blinders series begins in 1933, just as Prohibition ends. Tommy, who has started importing opium from China, is on the island of Miquelon to settle some business.

Throughout the 1920s and American Prohibition, Miquelon and Saint-Pierre played key roles in liquor smuggling efforts in the United States. Infamous mobsters conducted their operations from the island, including Al Capone and Bill McCoy.

Considering Tommy’s opium hauling business in the new Peaky Blinders series, Miquelon would have been an ideal base. However, nowadays Miquelon and Saint-Pierre are known to be popular tourist destinations, with several restaurants and historical and cultural attractions.

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