Why Johnny’s trip to the United States to see Ella is postponed again

90 day fiance Star Ella Johnson updates fans on her relationship status with Johnny Chao on Season 4 of 90 Day Diaries. Johnny had planned a trip to see Ella in the United States. However, he is forced to postpone the visit due to work-related issues. Here’s why Johnny couldn’t come to the United States.

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Johnny has to quit his job before he can visit Ella in the US

On the June 20 episode of 90 Day Planners, Ella is thrilled that Johnny plans to visit her at her ranch in Idaho Falls, Idaho. However, there are a few loose ends Johnny needs to iron out before he can come meet Ella in real life. He must obtain permission to quit his job. So he can come.

Ella explained that if Johnny wanted to come on a long trip, he had to quit his job. She revealed that the quitting process in China differs from that in the United States. He needs to get a “seal of approval” from his manager before resigning properly. If he resigns without approval, he will never be able to find another job in China.

Johnny couldn’t quit his job

Ella hoped that Johnny would come to the United States in a week to see her. However, Johnny revealed that his manager refused to give him approval for his resignation.

Johnny says, “It’s really hard. If I choose to leave work without [a] company stamp on the resignation paper. I will no longer work in China. Since Johnny is financially taking care of his son, Stoney, and his aging parents, he decides to stay.

Johnny promised Ella to try to get approval again in 30 days. When Ella gets mad at him, he comes up with a solution. He says to Ella, “Maybe I’m just asking the government what they can do? [sic]”He’s going to present the request to the local government in hopes of bypassing his manager and getting the approval he needs.”

Ella is frustrated that Johnny’s trip has been postponed again

A frustrated Ella tells Johnny that if he doesn’t come to the United States soon, she will have to end their relationship. Ella says, “I’m really frustrated and hurt and upset because I really love this man.” However, she feels like she’s waiting, only to continue to let herself down.

Johnny knows this is his last chance to prove to Ella that he’s serious about her. She told him, “Those are your options, baby. Either you come, and you make it work, or you don’t, and we’ll probably never get to meet. She continues, “I guess it’s up to you. Do you want to have a future with me or not? Because I know you are my future.

Ella revealed the day he was supposed to arrive: “He basically canceled again. He’s not here. He refrains from rescheduling again. But she’s had enough of his excuses and wants to see some action.

She said, “I’m ready to wait for him.” However, she said that if he had to wait until 2023, she would have to leave Johnny.

90 day fiance fans have been waiting for seasons to finally see Johnny and Ella unite. Will he be able to sort out his problems and come to Idaho? Fans will have to wait and see!

New episodes of Season 4 of 90 Day Diaries air Mondays on TLC and Discovery+.

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